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ZTE Axon 7 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You’re obviously looking for the highest quality material on your ZTE Axon 7 skin. Want to know what the difference is between the materials used on dbrand Axon 7 skins and materials used by our competitors? It’s quite simple: only dbrand uses authentic, true-textured 3M vinyl on every single product we make, including every ZTE Axon 7 skin. What this means is that when you take off your Axon 7 wrap, there’s no need to fear that it’ll leave any adhesive residue on your device. It’s not imitation knockoff vinyl… only the highest grade 3M material on the planet. Furthermore, there’s a couple of Axon 7 skins that are only available in our shop, made possible through our massive buying power with 3M. dbrand ZTE Axon 7 skins: quality materials, simple installation, precision fit. Our experience and use of only the best materials available gives you peace of mind and confidence in our bold claims.

Unrivaled Precision

Precision is a term we take very seriously at dbrand. If you’re in search of the best Axon 7 skin on the planet, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at the photos above and you’ll see that our reputation for the most precise fit on earth is no joke. In order to achieve such a precise fit, we measure each of the cutouts on our ZTE Axon 7 skins over a thousand times at our Toronto HQ until the Axon 7 skins we prototype fit flawlessly on your device. Our Axon 7 wraps are created with purpose: they add texture, grip, and factory-fitted customization, all without adding bulk. It genuinely isn’t possible to find a higher quality, more precise ZTE Axon 7 wrap than the one you’ll find here at dbrand.

Unlimited Customization

Take a second to scroll up and check out our ZTE Axon 7 skin customizer. Come back down here when you’re done, we’ll wait. What you just witnessed was the most innovative Axon 7 skin customization tool in existence, a unique tool which allows you to get a live preview of precisely what your ZTE Axon 7 will look like with a skin on it. From Carbon Fiber to Matte Black, Bamboo to Mahogany, Marble to Concrete, even Titanium and Leather, we’ve got an Axon 7 skin to suit your taste. Using our customizer, you can change the look of the back, front, and camera to build a look that is entirely custom to your Axon 7.

Our Mission

You already know dbrand offers unrivaled precision. To take things to the next level, we’re committed to providing a superior experience. When you visit other sites which offer Axon 7 skins, it’s impossible to know what’s actually coming in the mail. Competitors hide their precision behind poorly photoshopped images. At dbrand, we have nothing to hide. Real product photography represented by a precisely accurate Axon 7 skin customization interface. A simple installation, made possible by world-class application tutorial videos. Fast, tracked, worldwide shipping. All taxes included in the price. What more do we need to say? Our industry-leading online shop reflects our hunger for a higher standard for ZTE Axon 7 wraps. We’re saving the world from garbage skins, one device at a time.

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