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Designed by Zack. Built by Robots.

Let's get started.

The partnership

When producing Teardown skins, partnering with Zack "JerryRigEverything" Nelson was a no-brainer. His popular transparent-back mods are responsible for more voided warranties than anyone else on the planet. When Zack said he wanted to collaborate to bring that Teardown look to the masses, the deal wrote and signed itself - nobody tell Zack. Doing it yourself just got a lot more profitable... for us.

The process

Picture the most advanced scanner in the world. We used that one. It ended up producing internal scans that were literally too detailed for general use - which is exactly how we wanted them. The result? Every single Teardown skin is guaranteed to be a 99% accurate representation of your device's internals. As for that other 1%... how good are you at Where's Waldo?

The print

Ink costs a lot of money. Know what costs even more money? A $92,000 printer. For every skin you don't buy, 0.021% of the printer goes unpaid for. Also, Zack is gonna be pissed. Have you seen that guy in real life? You might, if you don't buy a skin. On the other hand, if you DO buy a skin, you'll see exactly why that printer is worth more than your college tuition. Who are we kidding? You didn't go to college.

The protection

When you think of dbrand, you probably think of texture. Realistic texture. Well, trust us when we say you don't want your phone to feel like little Legos, exposed wires, and circuit boards. We needed to find something else. We found two things else: Teardown's original optically-clear finish, and our legendary Ultramatte texture. Pick one.

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