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100% Authentic

Cows died for this.

No textured stamping. No chemical treatment. This is the real deal: bonafide cowhide.

100% authentic, full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide. Available in three colorways for a wide array of devices.

Full Grain

Accept no substitutes.

Make no mistake: only the most premium leather artifacts use full grain leather.

Unlike "top grain" or "suede", premium full grain leather isn't sanded down or stamped with an artificial texture.


Imperfection isn't cheap.

Uncorrected full grain means the strongest layer of the leather hasn't been buffed away.

The result? Unmatched durability and all the authentic imperfections of the natural cowhide.

Patina: Day 365

Every piece tells a story.

Unlike you, leather only gets better with age.

Scuffs, natural oils, and daily wear-and-tear combine to form a timeless patina that's unique to each and every cut.

Make a choice

  • Skin

    • Scratch protection
    • 0.5mm thin
    • Easy to apply
  • Case

    • Impact protection
    • Revolutionary grip
    • Tactile buttons
  • Extras

    • Cubes
    • Pyramids
    • Microfibers


The cows got wise to our scheme and organized a daring escape from our Leather factory. Give us your email address to be first to know if we're ever able to wrangle them.


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