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Ghost Case

The next-gen clear case.

We're currently working on an all-new Ghost 2.0, expected to ship this summer. As a result, you will receive two Ghost Cases: one now, and a better version later this year (for free).

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The next-gen clear case.

Go invisible

iPhone 15 Pro Max clear cases are boring, featureless slabs of transparent plastic that disappoint you, your wallet & your phone. The Ghost Case is none of these things. Well, aside from transparent.

You’ll die before it yellows.


Every clear case you’ve ever owned promised anti-yellowing. Unsurprisingly, they all yellowed. The Ghost succeeds where others have failed. We're so confident that we've figured out zero-yellowing, we'll replace your Ghost for free if it ever turns yellow. No conditions, no fine print. Just an incredible offer that you’ll never get to take advantage of.

Protection without bulk.

Face your fears

These distinctive corner bumpers aren’t just for show - they’re designed to protect your phone’s most vulnerable points of impact... all while keeping the rest of the Ghost just 1.2mm thin.

Our strongest magnets ever.

Live untethered

Within each Ghost Case is an array of eighteen custom-built, ultra-powerful magnets. Whether paired with a charger or a car mount, the Ghost keeps your phone secured.

Ghost vs. the world

ghost case


Includes 300+ built-in ridges for maximum grip, ensuring you won't drop your phone.

Forever Clear

Guaranteed to never yellow. Thanks to our two-tone design, it's literally impossible.

Protection Confirmed

Provides impact protection up to ten feet, thanks to shock-absorbing corner bumpers.

Super Thin

Much like a real ghost, you'll barely even notice that the Ghost Case is there.

Imperceptibly Light

Painstakingly engineered to add the least possible weight to your phone.

Extra-Clicky Buttons

Includes button relief slits for a clicky, tactile, satisfying bump with every single press.

Fits Perfectly

Meticulously designed and tested to guarantee that the Ghost Case is a perfect fit.

A Trusted Name

Since 2011, we've shipped millions of orders around the globe to customers just like you.

Invisible Polymer Coating

The world’s first application of this optically clear, zero-yellowing, scratch-resistant polymer in a phone case.

Next-Generation Design

Have you seen the Ghost Case? Scroll back up and look at it.

other case


Smooth, polished, thoughtless design. You're gambling with your phone's life.

Guaranteed Yellowing

They claim it won't turn yellow. They're lying to you. It absolutely will.

Drop Protection?

Maybe. They make claims, but we haven't tested them. Do you want to risk it?

Carelessly Thick

Every time you hold your phone, you'll know that thinness wasn't a design priority.

Weighs You Down

Somewhere between "heavier than a Ghost Case" and "lighter than a brick".

Mushy Buttons

Soft, unresponsive, included as an afterthought. A miserable button experience.

Fits "Perfectly"

We're sure other cases have an acceptable fit. Emphasis on "acceptable".

Dubious Quality

You might as well be buying your case at a mall kiosk.

Yellowing UV Coating

Uses an anti-scratch coating that turns yellow when exposed to UV radiation. That's why you're here, buying a Ghost.

Unimaginative Clones

Carelessly mass-produced, generic designs. You can do better.