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Making murder legal

Are you the sort of psychopath who wants to make their phone look like a bloodstained knife? We've got good news: Holo Red Damascus costs far less than a murder trial. More importantly, it's holographic. Some claim that you can't put a price on life. We just did. Checkmate, prosecutors.

Green like money

Investments are tough. You don't understand NFTs. Crypto? Too rich for your blood. For one pathetic moment, you even considered getting into Pokemon cards... until you saw the price. New idea: invest in Damascus. It's the cheapest way to turn your phone into a holographic Charizard. Checkmate, eBay.

Matte black steel

In the 9th century, Syrian blacksmiths perfected the craft of Damascus Steel. At the time, they couldn't have predicted a future in which online tech enthusiasts would refuse to buy anything unless it was matte black. Their 1100-year mistake? Our latest excuse to profiteer. Checkmate, blacksmiths.

Real life DLC

When faced with a choice between wasting hundreds of hours grinding out every single camouflage challenge in Warzone... or simply buying Damascus from dbrand, what would you do? Considering the cloud of Dorito dust hanging over your bedroom, the answer is obviously "both." Pay up now and we'll pretend we're not judging.

According to history textbooks, the technique behind forging Damascus Steel has been lost to time. Luckily for us, we don't read history textbooks. Turns out, recreating Damascus Steel is exceedingly simple. You take a Damascus pattern, run it through a $92,000 printer, and boom: you've got Damascus. It's kind of like baking a cake, except the flour costs more than your college tuition. Who are we kidding? On top of not knowing how to bake, you also didn't go to college.

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Your tombstone is going to say "missed out on the Damascus drop," and there's nothing you can do about it. Well, other than giving us your email address. We'll notify you if Damascus ever returns.