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Komplett Khameleon P9 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

Komplett and Intel have teamed up to blow the doors off the ODM gaming laptop scene with the Komplett Khameleon P9. The magnesium chassis does wonders for thermal performance, but it's not much to look at - on top of being a scratch-prone nightmare. dbrand's Komplett Khameleon skins will freshen up the look of your laptop and prevent scratches. Did we mention they'll also add grip and texture, without adding bulk? All of this is made possible by the high-quality 3M vinyl we use to produce all of our Komplett Khameleon P9 skins. We've been working exclusively with 3M since our foundation. Now, our massive buying power with them means we can offer dbrand-exclusive Komplett Khameleon skins such as Black Swarm. The best part? When you get tired of your current look and want to swap for a new one, our Komplett Khameleon P9 skins won't leave a speck of gluey residue. It's not magic, it's just material science.

Unrivaled Precision

Even we weren't renowned the world over for providing the most precise fit on earth™ (and trust us - we are), we've worked directly with Intel to make sure our Komplett Khameleon skins are flawless fits. After all, they understand as well as we do that an ill-fitting Komplett Khameleon P9 skin would do more harm than good when customizing your laptop. Plus, inadequate coverage means more surface area for scratches and fingerprints. You don't want scratches or fingerprints, do you? Of course not. Neither do we. We hate them. That's why we designed Komplett Khameleon skins. Rest assured - the top, bottom, palmrest and trackpad of your Komplett Khameleon P9 skin set will fit flawlessly and provide the maximum amount of protective coverage. You simply won't find better Komplett Khameleon P9 skins anywhere.

Unlimited Customization

An effective, worthwhile Komplett Khameleon skin will do more than simply provide protective coverage. The other half of the game is customization, and that requires an extensive variety of Komplett Khameleon P9 skin materials. Good thing we've got a lot of options. Consider that you've also got up to four skin types to purchase - what's "a lot of options" times four? It's too big a number to share here, but trust us - it's a staggering variety. Get tactical by mixing and matching Green and Black Camo Komplett Khameleon skins. Get colorful with our tinted Carbon Fiber options. Pair Black Leather and White Leather to show that you mean business. The options are truly limitless. Spend as much time as you need with our state-of-the-art Komplett Khameleon skin customizer at the top of the page. Once you're done, we'll see you at checkout.

Our Mission

You've made a significant life decision. You're in. You're going to buy Komplett Khameleon skins. That's a good choice if we've ever seen one. Know what would make it a better decision? Ordering over $25 in Komplett Khameleon P9 skins to qualify for free shipping, worldwide. Alternatively, if you can't wait another minute for your Komplett Khameleon P9 skins, we offer expedited shipping via FedEx for delivery in as little as 24 hours. Either way, once you've submitted your order via our secure payment gateway, our lightning-fast fulfillment robots will have your Komplett Khameleon skins packaged and ready to ship within 72 hours (but usually in as little as 12). It'll only be a matter of time before you're watching our industry-leading tutorial video and dbranding your Khameleon. Then, and only then, will you understand our trademark... dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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