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Whatever you were thinking of buying, don't.

There's a better place to put your money. Specifically, our limited edition collaboration with MKBHD, available now for all devices.

Click the button below to get yours. You won't regret it.




    Prismâ„¢ Screen Protector

    The Prismâ„¢ screen protector features a smooth chamfered edge, easy installation, and mind-boggling impact resistance. If you had any friends, you could invite them all over to take turns smashing your screen with a hammer. Buy one.

    Tempered Glass

    In addition to top-of-the-line scratch protection, dbrand's Tempered Glass screen protector features smooth edges, a flawless edge-to-edge precision fit, and an installation process so easy, even you can do it. Buy a pair.

    Pastel Speed Cube

    A custom-developed Thunderclap V3, made in collaboration with famed speed cube manufacturer QiYi MoFangGe. Comes pre-lubricated and packaged in needlessly elaborate packaging. Includes all eight sets of Pastel skins. Pick six for your cube, eat the rest.

    What's included:

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