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PlayStation Skins & Wraps

Whether you're in the market for skins for use with the PS5's middle portion or faceplates compatible with your PS5, you're in the right place. Select your device to start customizing your console. You won't get a trophy, you'll get something even better: the opportunity to pay us.

Once upon a time, there was an ugly white gaming console. Then, we came along and made it black. A ¥15,000,000,000,000 enterprise didn't like that very much, so they told us to stop. Instead, we designed the best PlayStation 5 faceplates, including an option for PS5 Digital Edition side panels. We haven't received any threats since, so we're going to assume that we're all clear to continue selling PS5 covers. Did we mention that we also sell PS5 middle skins?

Of course, we're also working on developing PS5 Slim faceplates - we'd be fools to let this potential marketshare escape us. Hate that the PS5 slim has four different side panels? You're in luck: our slim PS5 side panels come in sets of two. If you want first dibbs on a pair of the best PS5 Slim covers, just click any of the links in this paragraph.