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Folding Phone Cases

The dbrand Grip™ is a case for foldable phones that pairs a mindblowing grippy texture with best-in-class hinge protection and a striking minimalist design. Whether you're looking for the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 cases or Galaxy Z Flip 5 cases, we've got you covered. Did we mention that we also make the best Pixel Fold cases?

Have you ever tried to fold a traditional phone case in half? You thought you had a clever DIY solution to protect your folding phone, but instead you broke your plastic and your dreams. Luckily for you, we've mastered the art of creating foldable phone cases so you wouldn't have to. Stop snapping plastic in half and grab a Galaxy Z Flip 5 case or Galaxy Z Fold 5 case today.

Once Google got into the market for foldables, we had to take the engineers who designed our Galaxy Z Fold 4 case and Galaxy Z Flip 4 case and split their efforts three ways. Needless to say, splitting an engineer into three pieces doesn't yield great engineering. Re-staffing may have been a challenge, but the end result is the best Pixel Fold case that money can buy. You're welcome.