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Congratulations to all these lucky humans.


(The names listed below are account or channel names, not necessarily real names.)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are you giving away?

    Five (5) Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones, with dbrand skins of your choice. Check out RandomFrankP's video for more details.

  • How do I enter?

    Simple – just follow @dbrand and @RandomFrankP on Twitter.

    If you were already following both accounts before the giveaway went live, don't worry - you're already eligible to win.

  • Seriously? That’s it?

    Seriously. That’s it.

  • How frequently are you drawing winners?

    All five winners will be drawn on October 13th.

  • Is the giveaway open worldwide?


  • How are winners selected?

    Randomly, from a cross-section of @dbrand and @RandomFrankP Twitter followers.

  • How do entrants know it’s truly random?

    We're using a custom Python script which was specifically programmed for this giveaway. It uses the Twitter Public Rest API to download a list of all @dbrand and @RandomFrankP Twitter followers.

    Once the full lists have been loaded, the script generates a list of IDs which exist on both lists. This ensures that the potential winner is following both accounts.

    From this pool of unique account IDs, a random entry is picked using a randomly generated seed based on the NumPy project. This random pick is the resulting winner.

    For every subsequent winner selection, the script will run again. This triggers the Twitter Public API follower IDs fetch again. The script will download the newest followers and keep going until it reaches the followers which were downloaded during the previous run. What this does is save us from having to download a full list of followers every time a winner is selected – while also ensuring that everyone is included and has an equal chance of winning for each random draw.

  • How will you get in touch with winners?

    Via Twitter, of course. We’ll hit you up via DM if you’ve won.

  • How do I avoid being scammed?

    First off, use common sense. If someone DMs you, asking for your password and credit card information, it’s obviously a scam. Don't reply to any tweets or DMs saying you've won unless they come from the official @dbrand. You'll know it's us if you see a blue Verified checkmark. Furthermore, never give out your credit card information or Twitter password to anyone... especially not to any account asking you to “cover the shipping fees.” We'll never ask for this. The best way to avoid getting scammed is to check this page when we tweet that a new winner has been announced. If you see your name listed under Winners, click the link to ensure it's actually your Twitter account (and not someone with the same display name). If it really is your account, congratulations! Check your Twitter DMs for further instructions.

  • How are prizes shipped?

    All prizes are shipped via FedEx with tracking. If you win, you’ll receive the tracking number once your prize has been shipped.

  • If I win, will I have to pay anything to receive the prize (shipping costs, duties, taxes, etc.)?

    Of course not. Everything is pre-paid.

  • If I win, do I have to do anything once I receive the device?

    Tweet out a photo and tag @dbrand and @RandomFrankP to verify that you’ve received your prize.

  • Is dbrand really run by robots?

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