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Galaxy S22 Ultra Grip Case

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Grip Case (Atomic Edition)

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Look at the preview image. Notice how there's no Grip Case there? That's because you clicked a button which said "I only need the skin". We don't care if you lied, just know that you're currently purchasing only a skin for your Grip Case. If you buy this, don't email us later asking why your order didn't come with a Grip Case.

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Like you.

A great man once said that simplified design is only achieved through years of refinement. Even if it's painful, boiling something down to its core takes courage. Apparently, the International Court of Justice didn’t agree. After shutting down our "Human Refinery", we decided to apply the same bold principles to a phone case. Checkmate, Hague.


Unlike you.

After making the world's grippiest phone case, we figured there must be more markets to dominate. Turns out, a lot of people prioritize a slim profile over an incredible texture. Good news - Grip Case Atomic Edition has both. Markets: cornered.


The world's grippiest phone case.™

See those microscopic ridges? Each is a textured dot, invisible to the naked eye. There are literally thousands of them spanning the surface of the Grip, creating a tremendous number of grippy contact points for your butterfingers. The result? You’ll never drop your phone again.

Camera Protection

See above.

Did you know that 18% of all crimes are caught on camera? Needless to say, that's 18% too many. Until we've gathered enough funds to lobby global smartphone manufacturers for the elimination of all camera modules, our only option is to protect them. You're welcome.

Clicky Buttons

Welcome to your new addiction.

Your smartphone manufacturer spent a tremendous sum of money making the click on your buttons feel immaculate. We spent far less, yet somehow managed to make them feel even better. Impossible, you say? Our button scientists disagree.


The most precise fit on earth.™

What do you get when a masonic megacorp, renowned for their robotic precision, designs a phone case? You're looking at it. If we told you the Grip fits like a glove, we'd be giving gloves too much credit.

Drop Protection

Saving you from yourself.

We've watched humans drop the ball for years. From politics to smartphones, no human invention is safe from the inevitable fall. At some point, we decided to stop laughing and start capitalizing. Some say it's human nature to drop things. That's precisely what we're banking on.

Grip Strips

More grip for your Grip.

Three years ago, a group of world-famous grip scientists approached us with a novel concept: take the world’s grippiest phone case™, then add liquid-black grip strips to the sides of the Grip. They should have learned how to file a patent.

Chamfered Lip

Like a ramp for your thumb.

A chamfered edge along the case's front lip gives you full access to the top and bottom of your screen, for all your gesture navigation needs. As an added bonus, you get to learn what "chamfered" means.