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Apple AirPods & AirPods Pro Skins & Wraps

dbrand offers a wide selection of full-body, full-coverage Apple AirPod skins, including AirPods Pro skins. Is the hype real? Is the precision legendary? Customize your 1st Generation AirPods skin, 2nd Gen Airpod Skins (no Wireless Charging), or 2nd Generation Wireless Charging AirPods skin to find out.

AirPods. They're among the most seamless, easy-to-use, portable headphones ever made. They also look like dental floss. We're here to solve that. Our AirPod skins cover the case of your AirPods with full-body customization. With support for 1st Gen AirPod skins (No Wireless Charging), 2nd Gen Wireless Charging AirPod skins, and 2nd Gen AirPod skins (No Wireless Charging), we've got you covered. Our legendary precision ensures that every surface of your AirPods are wrapped to perfection, with an installation made easy by our world-class application tutorial videos. At this point, your options are to keep mistaking your AirPods with Oral-B Deep Clean Ultra dental floss or toss us $12.95 to make your AirPods case look less pathetic. Do the right thing.

The AirPods Pro aren't just a pair of wireless earbuds, they're an idea. A status symbol. An opportunity to flex on previous-gen AirPods owners. All of these things, it turns out, can be wrapped in 3M vinyl. That's why we made AirPods Pro skins. There are just two problems with using your AirPods Pro to flaunt your imaginary wealth and status - first, they still kind of look like dental floss. Second, everybody else bought AirPods Pro too, so yours aren't special. dbrand's AirPod Pro skins solve both of these problems, plus the biggest issue of all: the one where you haven't given us enough of your money yet. What are you waiting for?