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Frequently Asked Question

  • All you have to do is follow @dbrand and @MKBHD on Twitter. See MKBHD's tweet for more details.

  • Yes.

  • We're giving away one brand new Galaxy Fold, skinned in Robot.

  • Of course. We'll even ship to North Korea if you've somehow managed to gain internet access.

  • Check the countdown timer...

  • Randomly, from a cross-section of both @dbrand and @MKBHD followers.

  • We're using a custom Python script which was specifically programmed for this giveaway. It uses the Twitter Public API to download a list of all @dbrand followers, as well as a list of all @MKBHD followers.

    Once the full lists have been loaded, the script generates a list of IDs which exist on both lists. This ensures that the potential winner is following both @dbrand and @MKBHD.

    From this pool of unique account IDs, a random entry is picked using a randomly generated seed based on the NumPy project. This random pick is the resulting winner.

  • On Twitter, of course. We'll tweet out your @handle if you've won, then follow it up with a DM.

  • Don't reply to any tweets or DMs saying you've won unless they come from the official @dbrand. You'll know it's us if you see a blue Verified checkmark. Furthermore, never give out your credit card information or Twitter password to anyone... especially not to any account asking you to \u201ccover the shipping fees.\u201d We'll never ask for this. The best way to avoid getting scammed is to check this page when we tweet that the winner has been announced. If you see your name listed under Winners, click the link to ensure it's actually your Twitter account (and not someone with the same display name). If it really is your account, congratulations! Check your Twitter DMs for further instructions.

  • All prizes are shipped via FedEx with tracking. If you win, you'll receive the tracking number once your prize is shipped.

  • Of course not. Everything is pre-paid.

  • Yes. Every device we're shipping is globally unlocked, carrier-free.

  • Tweet out a photo to @dbrand and @MKBHD to verify that you've received your prize.

  • No. Please stop. We won't acknowledge or reply to any emails asking to be picked as a winner. Selection is 100% random.

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