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Frequently Asked Question

  • One (1) OnePlus 3T and five (5) dbrand skins of your choice. Check out the OnePlus Instagram post for more details.

  • Simple \u2013 just follow dbrand and OnePlus on Instagram and tag a friend who could use a new skin in the comments.

    If you were already following both accounts before the giveaway went live, don't worry - you're already eligible to win.

  • Seriously. That\u2019s it.

  • Always.

  • Randomly, from a cross-section of dbrand and OnePlus Instagram followers.

  • We're using a custom Python script which was specifically programmed for this giveaway. It uses the Instagram API Platform to download a list of all @dbrand and @oneplustech followers.

    Once the full lists have been loaded, the script generates a list of IDs which exist on both lists. This ensures that the potential winner is following both accounts.

    From this pool of unique account IDs, a random entry is picked using a randomly generated seed based on the NumPy project. This random pick is the resulting winner.

  • Via Instagram, of course. We\u2019ll hit you up with a Direct Message (DM) if you\u2019ve won.

  • As always, we ship our giveaway prizes via FedEx with tracking. If you've won, you\u2019ll receive the tracking number once your prize has been shipped.

  • Of course not. Everything is pre-paid.

  • Make an Instagram post and tag @dbrand and @oneplustech to verify that you\u2019ve received your prize.

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