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How to Apply



Just got your dbrand skin? Super excited to put it on? Of course you are!! Click here to watch the video we made specifically for your tablet, showing exactly how to apply a dbrand skin on it. Your tablet will never be the same.



You're nervous. It's understandable. You've been eagerly awaiting this moment for what seems like forever. Fortunately, we're here to assure you that MacBook skins are super easy to apply. 'How is that possible?' you wonder. Click to find out.


In about three clicks, you're going to see why they call us the boss of vinyl skins. Most companies write lame text instructions. At dbrand, we make kickass how to apply tutorial videos for every device in our portfolio. Are you ready?



Your smartwatch is about to reach Level 9000. You're less than 4 minutes away from a gorgeous new dbrand skin. It will revitalize your wrist. You'll be constantly looking at your watch, but not to check the time. Prepare yourself.