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iMac 24" (2021) instructions

We aren't shooting a video for this device. Here are some text instructions you can follow instead:

  1. Begin with the Bezel skin. Shift the skin up on the 3M paper, exposing the top edge and the webcam cutout.
  2. Align the skin along the top edge of the display, ensuring that the webcam cutout is centered perfectly.
  3. Apply pressure along the top edge to secure the skin in place.
  4. Shift the 3M paper down, bit by bit, applying the skin along the side bezels as you go.
  5. Continue this process until the entire Bezel skin has been applied.
  6. Apply one more round of firm pressure along all four edges of the display.
  7. Remove the screen cutout using the peel tab.
  8. Time for the Front skin. Shift the skin up on the 3M paper to expose the top edge.
  9. Align the skin so that it sits flush with the bottom edge of your Bezel skin.
  10. Apply pressure to secure the skin in place.
  11. Finally, remove the 3M paper and smooth out the front surface.
  12. Done. If you have any questions, you know how to reach us.