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Sony PS5 Digital Edition Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You're several hours deep into an intense gaming session on your shiny new PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition). The internet's just gone out. You yell at your mom to reset the router. Without hesitation, she hits the reset button on your console. All that progress, lost. This could have been avoided. How? Easy: PS5 Digital Edition skins. Not only will dbrand's Digital Edition PlayStation 5 skins make your console look like it belongs with the rest of your entertainment center, they'll also keep dust and grime off the system and provide some much-needed grip and texture to your DualSense controller (thanks to our PlayStation 5 Controller skins). Consider for a moment how sweaty and gross your palms get while you're playing video games. Those palms are why all of dbrand's DualSense skins and PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition) skins are made from premium, true-textured 3M vinyl. When it's time to swap out your Digital PS5 skin for a new one? No worries - the patented adhesive on all of our PlayStation 5 (Digital) wraps guarantees you won't find a speck of gluey residue upon removal.

Unrivaled Precision

If you're in the market for Digital Edition PlayStation 5 skins, chances are you care about precision. Whether it's a perfect headshot or a perfect PS5 Digital Edition wrap, you'd rather die than settle for less. Considering your KDRs, you know you aren't long for this world - that changes now that you've found dbrand. Our Digital PS5 skins and DualSense wraps won't make you better at video games (we're robots, not miracle workers), but they'll at least satisfy your cravings for perfection. How? Simple: we take the tried-and-tested R&D process that's been delivering perfect fits since 2011, then we apply it to PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition) skins. The result, as always, is flawlessly fitting PS5 skins. Your friends will think you have some secret limited edition PlayStation. Or, they would, if you had friends. Maybe you'll make some friends once people see how amazing your Digital PS5 skins look? We might be miracle workers after all.

Unlimited Customization

The precision of our PlayStation 5 Digital Edition skins is a yes-or-no question. It goes like this: "are our Digital PS5 skins perfect? Yes." When it comes to variety, though, things aren't so black-or-white. Sometimes, they're Black and Matte Black. Other times, they're Black and Black Swarm. If you're insane, they're Black and Concrete. What we're trying to say is: we have a ton of different PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition) skins and it's your job to pick your favorite. We can't do it for you - but we'll make it as easy as possible. Scroll back up real quick, take a quick look at the top of this page, then come back here. What you just saw is our world-class Digital Edition PS5 Skin customizer. It has everything you'll need to find the PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition) and DualSense skins that'll blow your socks off. Good thing, too: they're ugly socks. Once you've seen the limitless variety of Digital Edition PS5 skins we offer, you'll develop more discerning tastes for your socks as well.

Our Mission

So, it's time for you to buy some PS5 Digital Edition skins - you're making the right choice. Let's talk about shipping. A wise clown once said "If you're good at something, never do it for free." Why do we offer free shipping on orders over $25, then? Because you're buying $25 worth of Digital Edition PlayStation 5 skins, obviously. We're getting paid either way. So, what else does your purchase entitle you to, aside from (potentially) free shipping and the greatest PS5 (Digital) skins on the planet? You get industry-leading support from our Customer Experience Robots, for one. You get to watch our installation tutorial video, produced so that even the dumbest among you can avoid screwing up your PS5 Digital Edition skin installation. But most importantly, you get to become part of something bigger than yourself: the cult of dbrand. Haven't you always wanted to join a cult? Now's your chance - and all you need to do is buy some Digital Edition PlayStation 5 skins. The rest will take care of itself. dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™