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Abusement Park

The Abusement Park's infamous midway is host to innovative mutations of the world's most popular carnival games. For instance, our Dunk Tank is a fresh spin on an old classic: you and your closest friend take turns trying to dunk the other into a vat... of sulfuric acid. What's the prize, you ask? Well, we haven't mentioned the Abusement Park’s debt-financed prize structure. each game is free to play. To leave the park, you simply need to secure ten prize tokens. You win a game, you win a token. If you lose, we take two. Also, the games are all rigged. Enjoy your stay.


Crimes Square

Robot City's main financial district, Crimes Square, is where the dark arts of securities fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering aren't just a hobby. They’re the lifeblood of an entire economy. Enormous skyscrapers house an extensive network of creative accounting firms, shell companies for shell companies, and paper shredders disguised as fax machines. As the sun rises behind the thick clouds of smog each morning, human workers trudge home from their 9AM to 5AM workday and settle into closet-sized apartments for another restless night. The city may never sleep, but the mourning always comes.



As the bureaucratic nerve center of Robot City, Deadquarters are where dreams go to die. Incidentally, it's also where people go to die. Sprawling out in each direction from the main administrative pyramid, countless Extermination Stations await world-weary individuals who wish to leave it all behind. So, what's the catch? Of the countless available execution methods, exactly none of them are humane. Dull guillotines, self-immolators, firing squads, coin-operated gallows - pick your poison. That's not a recommendation, mind you: the poison is excruciatingly painful.


See the Difference

Robot City is too large and sprawling to be contained within a single canvas, which is why we've built three different versions of each district: one for phones, one for tablets, one for laptops. You're helping us recoup the construction fees.


Jigsaw Puzzle

Each year, crowds gather in front of the Deadquarters to watch the annual Jigsaw Challenge. The rules are simple: some hapless fool attempts to solve our impossible jigsaw puzzle. If they succeed, they die. If they fail, they die. To date, no one has bested our 1000-piece, 3500cm² monochromatic death sentence. We encourage you to give it a shot.


Coloring book

In a city that exclusively serves flavorless gruel, crayons are considered a rare delicacy. The average citizen could never fathom that, once upon a time, these colorful flavor tubes were instead used by children to embellish black-and-white illustrations. As a result, the "Coloring Book" has become a status symbol representing unparalleled wealth and abundance.


Sticker Packs

Robot City keeps its books balanced with a revolutionary Poverty Tax. It's quite simple: the impoverished masses pay exorbitant fees for basic government services. The rich elite? They receive premium services, for free. In the past, you were able to experience this tax structure for yourself: flaunting your wealth to get a free Luxury Sticker Pack... or buying a poverty pack for $9.95. Unfortunately, this experience was deemed "too real" by consumers, which is why Luxury Sticker Packs now cost $19.95.