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It's not a product.

It's the future.


Not a day has gone by without someone requesting a skin inspired by our legendary envelope artwork. We ignored every single one of them. Then, we had a brilliant idea: what if we designed a skin inspired by our legendary envelope artwork? The hyper-detailed design on dbrand's limited-edition Robot skin is guaranteed to turn heads for you and turn profits for us. Good thinking, dbrand.


Each and every dbrand Robot skin is a small piece of a larger whole. This means that every Robot skin we sell is truly unique. It also means that a hundred other humans hold different pieces of the puzzle. Steal all of their phones, then line them up next to each other. It's the only way to complete your Robot collage. Trust us: the judge will understand.


Outrageous sums of money went into developing the ultra-matte texture of the Robot skin. After all, we needed it to feel as good as it looks. Imagine if your eyes were hands. Unsettling, right? Not nearly as unsettling as a glossy, slippery skin. Robot's ultra-matte finish repels hand oils, adds grip, and is soft to the touch. Giving us your money has never felt better.



Everyone who bought Robot skins now owns a piece of history. You, on the other hand, do not. Give us your email address and we'll notify you if we ever decide to make more history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Words are hard. What does "limited" mean?

It means you have two weeks to avoid a lifetime of regret.

Why is this amazing work of art a limited edition?

It’s called "artificial scarcity" and it makes us tons of money.

What if my dog eats my Robot skin after you've stopped selling it?

Not sure, but your dog has excellent taste.

Why can't I get this for my [insert old device]? You sell other types of skins for it!

One more word and we discontinue it from our lineup entirely.

Can I mix and match Robot with other skins? Normally with dbrand, I can mix and match skins. If I email you, can you help me mix and match your other skins with Robot skins?


Is my Robot skin going to look exactly like the photograph?

Maybe. Because each Robot skin is cut from a large work of Robot art, your piece will be unique. Unlike you.

Will these skins ship to my country?

Unless you live in North Korea, probably. See our shipping page for further details.

If I miss this drop and email you hundreds of times begging for a Robot skin, can I buy one?

Make us an offer we can’t refuse.

Is dbrand really run by robots?

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