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In 2010, an unusual young Swede made a YouTube account. A bunch of nine year olds subscribed. Fast-forward ten years and those nine year olds are finally old enough to empty their wallets. There's also about 106 million of them. Given the opportunity to bankrupt 1.359% of the world's population, what would you do? For us, the answer was clear: collaborate with PewDiePie in a capitalist agenda to turn his signature Waves design into a federal reserve of cash. We know what you're thinking: "wow, dbrand - you're such a bunch of sellouts." Wrong: we still have stock... for now.

Floor Gang

Face it: you'll never be as useful as a floor. Floors support countless people. Meanwhile, you can't even support yourself. Floorboards get cleaned once a week. You haven't showered in months. Most importantly, floors stand in total opposition to ceilings. You, on the other hand, exist in the empty space in between. It's time to pick a side: are you a card-carrying member of the Floor Gang, or are you a Ceiling Gang degenerate? The choice is yours.

Triple Black

Triple Black Waves is the answer to a question nobody asked: how can we make Waves more evil? Like, "Amazon buying Facebook and replacing all your friends with Jake Paul" kind of evil. Our scientists indicated this wasn't possible, so we fired them and spent the payroll savings on black ink. That black ink? You guessed it - not cheap. Really, the only point of this story is to let you know that Triple Black Waves costs $5 more than the original. It's called price gouging. Welcome to 2020.


Some might argue that there are more important things right now than custom PewDiePie designs for your electronics. For instance, not dying. Good thing we can multitask. Emblazoned with the iconic Waves pattern, this mask is a great way to maintain zero deaths.

Make a choice

  • Skin

    • Ultimate scratch protection
    • 0.23mm thin
    • Easy to apply
  • Case

    • Military-grade impact protection
    • Revolutionary grip
    • Tactile buttons
  • Mask

    • Breathable
    • Washable
    • You won't die