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(not) Animal Crossing

It's like Animal Crossing, but (not).

Problem? Solved.

Failure runs in your blood. That's why you live out fantasies of success in a video game designed for children. It's also the reason you failed to acquire a limited-edition Animal Crossing Switch. Well - that's one of the reasons. The other is that we bought them all. Now, the handful we missed are being marked up by hundreds of dollars. Given your lifelong pursuit of mediocrity, you don't have that kind of money. At dbrand, we're problem solvers. More specifically, solvers of problems we created. Introducing: (not) Animal Crossing skins.

Colors? Matched.

"Blue and Green... it'll be easy," said our VP of Color Science. Wrong on two counts. First: they're Sky Blue and Seafoam Green. Second: the job title is now "Former VP of Color Science". Thousands of color swatches and three Former VPs of Color Science later, we finally did it. We cleared the VP of Color Science position from our payroll. Those savings? We're passing them directly to our new VP of Money Laundering.

Lawsuit. Filed?

Take a close look at the design on the face of this Switch dock. Is it copyright infringement? Lawyers we paid to say "no" said "no." Lawyers not on our payroll disagree. That's the exact gray area we're counting on to get loads of free lawsuit-related press. Oh - and even if that legal battle with Nintendo never comes to pass, you'll still have a near-perfect parody of the most popular limited edition Switch on the market. (not) Animal Crossing: It's like Animal Crossing, but (not).


Our lawyers have advised us that we shouldn't bring (not) Animal Crossing back. Give us your email address if you want to prove them wrong. In the meantime, you can view the rest of our Switch lineup here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many house upgrades are there?


How much can I sell a Snapping Turtle for?

5000 bells.

How do I get the Golden Shovel recipe?

Help Gulliver repair his communicator 30 times.

What's the highest possible sell price for turnips?

Without hacking, 660 bells.

How many types of fruit are there?


How do I get an island full of tarantulas?

Remove all the flowers, trees, and rocks, leaving nothing but plain ground.

How many friends can I have on my island?

Stop pretending you have friends.