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Linus Tech Tips

Special Edition Collection

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You're Linus G. Sebastian, YouTube's fourth-favourite tech influencer. Maybe fifth? Doesn't matter. Anyways, you've just woken up. You slide out of your child-sized bed and into a well-worn pair of socks and sandals. You load up Twitter to throw another Tech Tip into the ethernet. There's just one problem: the well is dry. You've already tipped all the tech. Another retirement video? Not an option. What do you do?

Easy: you turn to the robots at dbrand.

Option 01

Linus Tier

Contrary to unpopular belief, this is the Shit Tier. Hate it? Tech Tip: So do we. Keep scrolling.

Option 02

Emily Tier

The Emily Tier. Much like the woman herself, this masterpiece is for the true connoisseurs. Problem: none of dbrand's robots subscribe to LTT. We don't even watch their videos. Instead, we had Linus build a wildly expensive supercomputer to do it for us. After feeding the onboard AI roughly seventy-five thousand minutes of Linus' squeaky voice, it reached a consensus: we should partner with a different YouTube channel. When told that wasn't an option, the AI hacked together this work of art. We didn't even look at it. Now you can pay us for the privilege of having it shipped two weeks late. Mission accomplished.

Make a choice

  • Skin

    • Ultimate scratch protection
    • 0.23mm thin
    • Easy to apply
  • Case

    • Military-grade impact protection
    • Revolutionary grip
    • Tactile buttons
  • Sticker Pack

    • 25 designs
    • Some are good
    • The others are Linus