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The Power of Plagiarism

Contrary to popular belief, you need to spend money to save money. Specifically, by giving it to us. You see, when one of the world's most litigious companies announces a $359.99 price tag to replace your Switch with a limited edition variant, only dbrand is up to the challenge of charging you slightly less for a "creative reinterpretation" of their overpriced novelty console. If a dollar saved is a dollar earned, Clone of the Kingdom is the easiest $310.04 you've ever made.

for some reason, also available for steam deck

The Wisdom of Dead Scientists

There’s a thin line between a cheap knockoff and a masterful clone. As it turns out, that line is made of gold. To recreate the dock's metallic sheen, we assembled the nation's leading gold scientists and brought them to an enormous smelter. Unfortunately, their job titles had misled us: the bodies of the scientists didn't contain any extra gold content. Their ashes did, however, prove invaluable when perfecting our metallic finish. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some more scientists to incinerate.

The Courage to Innovate

We've got good news: during Clone of the Kingdom’s mass production run, an intern managed to severely botch the green ink pigmentation, producing a deep black. After taking one look at his accidental masterpiece, we immediately gave him a promotion. As a direct result of this mishap, each Clone of the Kingdom order contains an additional color option for the left Joy-Con, free of charge. As for the intern, his new job title is "Hazardous Materials Taste Tester". Or rather, it was. We'll have to hire a replacement.