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Case Hardened
Terrorists Win
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History Is Made

In 2024, one lucky Counter-Strike player made history when they acquired the world's first StatTrak Factory New #661 Case Hardened AK-47.

Having read that sentence, you fall into one of two camps: either you're an avid Counter-Strike nerd... or you have no idea what any of this means.

Here's the short version: since 2013, there's been a shadow economy for buying and selling ultra-rare Counter-Strike skins. That one-of-a-kind AK-47? Despite being a texture in a video game, it recently sold for north of $1,000,000 USD. Now, imagine if you would, a company that could take this digital gold mine and make it a reality...

Feeling Lucky?

Much like Counter-Strike gun skins, each Case Hardened skin you buy will feature a unique pattern. That includes ultra-rare “Blue Gems” - patterns that are almost entirely blue. Rather than spending your life savings gambling for a digital weapon skin, we have a slightly more palatable offer: buy a real-life Case Hardened skin and you’ll have a 3.2% chance of getting a Blue Gem.

Make a Choice

  • Skin Buy
    • Ultimate scratch protection
    • 0.23mm thin
    • Easy to apply
  • Case Buy
    • Maximum impact resistance
    • Ultra-grippy
    • Tactile buttons
  • Gaming Buy
    • Killswitch Cases
    • PS5 Darkplates
    • Console Skins
  • Case Hardened $29.95
  • Blue Gem Not for sale
What's Included
  • Back Skin (Simple Fit)
  • Camera Skin
  • 3.2% odds of a Blue Gem
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • FREE Non-Holographic Skin