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With great power comes zero responsibility

Unleash The Carnage

Swinging effortlessly from buildings along the New York City skyline. Foiling the villainous schemes of diabolical supervillains. Flirting with that cute redhead. Trust us: you'll never accomplish any of these things. We can't help you with those problems... but we can help you disguise them. Much like the mask of a certain superhero, Carnage exists to hide your mundane, boring existence. Now, rather than simply taking a popular arachnid-themed superhero costume and slapping it on your smartphone, laptop, or gaming console, we developed a much-improved, decidedly more sinister design. Naturally, we gave it a villainous name to match.


  • 0.2mm thin
  • Ultimate scratch protection
  • Grippier than glass
  • Adhesive-free removal
  • Made with 3M vinyl


  • 2.0mm thin
  • Military-grade impact resistance
  • World's grippiest phone case
  • Customizable backplate
  • Double-shot molded polymers

"A Work of Art."


Limited Time Only?

Depending on how many multi-billion dollar megacorps we've successfully angered with this initiative, Carnage might not be around forever. Better act fast.

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