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PlayStation Portal

Stick Grips

Enhance your Grip


We're going to be honest with you. We had no intention of making Stick Grips for the PlayStation Portal. It simply turned out, by pure chance, that our Stick Grips for the Steam Deck (LCD) were a perfect fit for your overpriced cloud gaming device. That's great news for your thumbs, considering they've been slipping and sliding all over your PS Portal's thumbsticks... until now, that is. Thanks to our incredibly grippy, ergonomically shaped grips, your thumbs will remain precisely where you want them to. We can't fix your flaws, but we can certainly capitalize on them.

Pick your design




Your thumbs will thank us.

Despite thirty years of experience, Sony still thinks the PlayStation Portal only needs two thumbsticks. Thankfully, each Stick Grip adds hundreds of microscopic contact points, essentially giving you 718 thumbsticks. Checkmate, Sony.

Convex shape

Rounded to the nearest headshot.

The surface of each Stick Grip features both a convex-domed center and a raised perimeter to provide resistance at full tilt. Your thumbs won't slip, no matter how greasy they may be.


Unlike you.

Stick Grips make the PlayStation Portal's thumbsticks 33% taller. That means you get an increased range of motion for even more control. Despite what Linus "Tech Tips" Sebastian may claim, height does matter.


Analog aim-assist.

Tactile texture, an ergonomic domed shape, and an increased range of motion. Combine them all together and what do you get? Ultimate control over your thumbsticks. With Stick Grips, all of the missed shots are on you.