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Steam Deck & OLED

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Enhance your Glass


Picture this: you’re the world’s most incompetent jewelry thief. After somehow managing to convince the clerk to “cough ‘em up” and stuffing the stones in your duffel bag, it hits you like a sack of diamonds: that’s where your {{doc:device}} is. Congratulations. Not only are you going to prison, but the world’s hardest mineral just turned your Steam Deck screen into a crime scene: scratched glass, shattered dreams, and immeasurable regret. How could you possibly have prevented this unavoidable tragedy? Our lawyers advised us not to sell you a crash course in thievery, so we'll sell you a flawless {{doc:device}} screen protector instead.


Pick your design


The Wagyu of Glass.

“It’s just tempered glass. I can buy a 500-pack of that shit on Amazon for like three bucks.” You’re not wrong, chief. You can also buy 188 McDoubles instead of a tender slab of Wagyu beef. For the price of just twelve and a half McDoubles, you're getting the tastiest tempered glass on the planet. Dinner is served.


The most precise fit on earth.™

Gabe Newell once said, "an imprecise screen protector is like having no screen protector at all." We later learned from the local psych ward that "Gabe" was both an impostor and several days into a mescaline trip. Did that make him wrong? Absolutely not. Much like the padded walls of his cell, our Steam Deck Screen Protector covers every square inch of your Steam Deck or Steam Deck OLED display. Thanks, Gabe.

Polished Edges

As smooth as your brain.

We know what you're thinking: "why would I need silky-smooth chamfered edges on my Steam Deck Tempered Glass?" Truthfully, you don't. It's a pointless luxury owed to the fact that we also make Tempered Glass for smartphones. Pointless luxuries aren't free. Time to pay up.

Oleophobic Coating


Imagine you're a typical human, covered from hand to toe in disgusting oils. Not much of a stretch. Now imagine you bought a nicer handheld than you deserve. Again, not too far from reality. Lucky for your screen, dbrand Glass has an oleophobic coating to repel your disgusting hand oils. You're welcome.

Optical Clarity

Practically invisible.

Take a look at this photo. Let us know what you see. "But dbrand," you're saying, "I can't see anything!" Congratulations, brainlet. You passed the test. See, dbrand Tempered Glass for the Steam Deck is so optically clear, we didn't even bother trying to capture it on camera.

Screen Compatibility

Etched glass compatible.

For the low price of your entire life savings, you somehow managed to get your hands on a 512GB Steam Deck. Now, all you can think about is protecting your investment. Don't worry - our screen protectors are compatible with all models - including the etched glass and OLED models. Stop asking.

Touch Sensitivity

Checkmate, Bezos.

The Amazon dropshippers of the world didn't test their screen protectors on an actual Steam Deck. If they had, they might've noticed that their "screen protectors" prevent your touch screen from... accepting touch input. Why? Maybe it's because they hate you. To be fair: so do we. That didn't stop us from developing properly-functioning Steam Deck Tempered Glass.

Video Instructions

Video Instructions

Don't screw this up.

We've spent more money than the Fed trying to save humans from themselves. The result? Detailed, award-winning tutorial videos that you can watch right here. Once you're finished, you'll understand why we gave ourselves a fake award.