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iPhone 14 Series Cases

Combining military-grade impact protection with a striking minimalist design, the dbrand Grip™ is the most advanced iPhone case in the world. Buy an iPhone 14 case, iPhone 14 Plus case, iPhone 14 Pro case, or iPhone 14 Pro Max case today. The best part? You can customize it with your choice of skin. What are you waiting for? Get buying.

Every year, the US Military burns through $700,000,000,000. On what? Nobody knows. For only 0.0000000057% of the annual defense budget, you can do the same. But with an iPhone 14 Pro Max case. Checkmate, Eisenhower.

Apple spent a tremendous sum of money making the click on your iPhone 14 Pro buttons feel immaculate. We spent far less, yet somehow managed to make them feel even better with our iPhone 14 Pro cases. Impossible, you say? Our button scientists disagree.

See those microscopic ridges? Each is a textured dot, invisible to the naked eye. There are literally thousands of them spanning the surface of the Grip, creating a tremendous number of grippy contact points for your butterfingers. The result? You’ll never drop your iPhone 14 Plus case again.

Three years ago, a group of world-famous grip scientists approached us with a novel concept: take the world’s grippiest phone case™, then add liquid-black grip strips to the sides of the Grip. With all the money we're going to make off these iPhone 14 cases, they should have learned how to file a patent.