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Samsung Galaxy Cases

The dbrand Grip™ is a highly-customizable Samsung Galaxy phone case that pairs military-grade impact protection with a striking minimalist design. Buy a Galaxy S10 Plus case, Galaxy S10 phone case, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus case, or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case today, and be sure to customize it with your choice of skin. Your Samsung phone needs defending from your own stunning ineptitude. There's only one solution: Get a Grip™.

If you're on the hunt for a new phone case for your Samsung flagship, there's a good chance you're hunting for the very best. You found it. The dbrand Grip™ Galaxy Note 10+ phone case is made from a state-of-the-art material formulated specifically for in-hand friction. Even if you manage to drop your phone, our Galaxy S10 phone case has been built with an unprecedented level of shock absorption - no more shattered phones. The innovative Crescent Arc™ design built into every Samsung Galaxy S10+ Grip™ case even ensures that your case won't interfere with Samsung's obnoxious fixation on curved displays. Give us your money, Get a Grip.™

When selecting a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus phone case, protection is one thing. Customization is a lot of things. In fact, it's over thirty things. That's how many different types of skin you can attach to your Grip™ Galaxy S9 case. Installation is easy: just line it up and press it down. If you get tired of Red Dragon, swap it out for Black Swarm. Your Grip™ isn't just a protective Galaxy Note 9 phone case - it's transformative. Strangers will whisper to each other about how cool your Galaxy S10+ case looks. Your phone will catch people's eyes, unlike you.