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SteelSeries Skins & Wraps

Customize your SteelSeries headset today with a set of dbrand's Arctis Pro Wireless skins, SteelSeries Arctis 7 skins, or Arctis 3 skins. You might not be able to see how great your headset looks while you're wearing it, but everybody else will be able to see how cool you look. Then, they'll buy their own SteelSeries skins - it's a win-win.

Your Discord friends won't be able to see how amazing your SteelSeries headset looks with its dbrand Arctis Pro Wireless skin - they'll just have to use their imaginations. Choose from our 30+ different materials to achieve a truly custom look for your headset, one that's sure to inspire your teammates and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. You can even skin your Base Station to truly coordinate your look. We know how seriously you take your customization, after all.

There's nothing worse than sweaty palms after an intense gaming session. Can you imagine reaching to remove your SteelSeries headset and getting that gross sweat all over it? No? Good - we didn't think so. Buy a set of SteelSeries Arctis 7 skins or Arctis 3 skins to protect your headset from scratches, fingerprints, and sweaty palms. Studies have shown that buying our skins is the most cost-effective way to give us your money. What are you waiting for?