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Galaxy S22 Plus Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

What do a chaotic mess of a supply chain, a once-in-a-lifetime chip shortage, and two-year global pandemic have in common? None of them were able to stop the launch of the Galaxy S22 Plus. As luck would have it, dbrand doesn't have to worry about any of these things when producing Galaxy S22 Plus skins. That's because our exclusive relationship with the material maestros at 3M allows us to craft perfect S22 Plus wraps without worrying about a global semiconductor shortage. Every Galaxy S22 Plus skin we make features premium 3M vinyl to elevate your experience. Feeling a little numb after a couple of plague years? Don't worry - our true-textured S22 Plus skins will remind you what it's like to actually feel something. Has the latest food shortage left you feeling hungry? Never fear - our S22 Plus skins come off with zero adhesive residue. Food prep has never been easier. Galaxy S22 Plus skins: dinner is served.

Unrivaled Precision

The only thing more reliable than the materials we use for our S22 Plus skins is how perfectly we cut them. That's because we at dbrand offer the most precise fit on earth.™ It says so right in the trademark. Since we opened up shop in 2011, dbrand has been committed to precision. Our S22 Plus skins are no exception. At this point, we know all of Samsung's usual tricks, which makes it exceptionally easy for us to cut S22 Plus skins in our sleep. There's just one problem: robots can't sleep. Instead, we painstakingly measure every curve and contour of the S22 Plus over a thousand times. We then eliminate our measuring-bots and do it all over again, just to be sure. This "planned obsolescence" that goes into every one of our Galaxy S22 Plus wraps is what's made us the reigning champion of perfect precision around the globe. Pick up some S22 Plus skins today and see for yourself what a thousand dead robots gets you.

Unlimited Customization

Premium, perfectly cut S22 Plus skins are certainly appealing, but we know how picky you can be. Put down the porridge, Goldilocks - we're about to blow your mind. Scroll back up to our state-of-the-art S22 Plus skin customizer to see for yourself. Take your time, we'll wait. Impressive, right? What you just witnessed was the near-infinite number of S22 Plus wraps available. From Black Swarm to Green Camo, we have the perfect S22 Plus skins to fit your every mood. Stay classy with Matte Black or Black Matrix. Get active with Black Camo or Red Carbon Fiber. Feeling more colorful? Take your pick from our plentiful Pastel materials. They say that beggars can't be choosers. Empty your bank account on our S22 Plus skins and you can be both. Get buying.

Our Mission

You've added more Galaxy S22 Plus skins to your cart than you know what to do with. Now it's time to checkout before you start to re-think your decision. Good thing our secure payment gateway is quick and painless. Plus, if you're buying over $30 worth of S22 Plus skins, you'll get tracked shipping for free. Need those S22 Plus skins faster than you can say "buyer's remorse"? We've got expedited FedEx shipping just for you. Once your S22 Plus wraps arrive, you can turn your brain off and follow along with our straightforward tutorial videos to get them installed perfectly. Having a tough time installing S22 Plus skins without a brain? Not to worry - our Customer Experience Robots are used to dealing with the brainless and will get you back on the right track. By the time the lobotomy is complete, you'll have a protected, customized S22 Plus. You're welcome. dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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