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Galaxy Note 20 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You started sweating when you saw the price tag for the Galaxy Note 20. Now, those same sweaty palms are griming up your new, unwisely-purchased smartphone. That's where we come in. dbrand's Galaxy Note 20 skins are guaranteed to keep all manner of grease, grime and fingerprints off the back of your new Note. Now, consider the added grip and scratch protection that our Note 20 skins provide. Sounds too good to be true, right? That's what you get when buying Note 20 skins produced exclusively using 3M vinyl. Here at dbrand, we have something of a reputation for using only the highest-quality materials when producing skins such as the Note 20 wrap you're about to buy. The best part? When you're ready to swap out your Note 20 skin for a new one, removal couldn't be any simpler - and you won't see a speck of gross adhesive residue.

Unrivaled Precision

As you browse our Note 20 skins, you're likely preoccupied with thoughts about how many corners Samsung cut when making the phone. You're wondering: will dbrand cut any corners on their Note 20 skins? Newsflash, brainlet: it's our job to cut corners. How else would we provide the most precisely-fitting Note 20 skins on the planet? Since we opened up shop in 2011, we've devoted ourselves to producing "the most precise fit on earthâ„¢". That's why we trademarked it. Have you ever trademarked anything before? Of course not. They don't exactly give those things out like candy, you know. We were able to secure the trademark because all of our skins - Note 20 skins included - embody that mantra. When it comes to precision, nobody does it like dbrand.

Unlimited Customization

You may be wondering: just how many different types of Galaxy Note 20 skin do we sell? The answer has been sitting right under your nose. Scroll back up and look at our state-of-the-art Note 20 skin customizer. See all those tiles? That's how many Note 20 skin materials we sell. Now your job is to pick your favorites. Narrow it down to, let's say five different Note 20 skin materials. Then, buy all five. You'll thank us later. Or maybe you won't - we'll have your money either way. Did we mention you can even individually customize your Camera skin? You can do that. We'll judge you, but it will be silently.

Our Mission

When it comes to our Galaxy Note 20 skins, you probably think you've seen it all: premium materials, precision fits, dozens of materials. You're wrong. You haven't seen everything until you've actually bought some Note 20 skins. For instance, you haven't seen our secure payment gateway. You haven't seen our extensive shipping options - including free shipping on orders over $25 and overnight shipping via FedEx. You haven't seen our oddly ASMR inducing tutorial videos. Put simply: there's a ton you've yet to see. Discovering this Note 20 skins page? That's just the beginning. At what point have you've seen it all? Easy: not until you see what we mean when we say... dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.â„¢

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