ROG Ally


Project Killswitch was an initiative launched in 2022 to bring a premium, feature-rich case to the Valve Steam Deck.

ASUS liked it so much, they funded us to design one for the ROG Ally.

Now, you're funding us to make it.

Pricing and available options will be similar to Project Killswitch for the Steam Deck.

For $59.95, you get:

  • Killswitch Case
  • Built-in Kickstand
  • Built-in microSD card storage
  • Skin of your choice

For an extra $15.00, you can add:

  • Travel Cover (also sold standalone)
  • Stick Grips (also sold standalone)

Tempered Glass is available now.

Your reservation for the ROG Ally Killswitch will cost $3.00.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive an email receipt. Don't delete it.

This email will contain your Reservation ID. Once the ROG Ally Killswitch is ready, your Reservation ID will unlock access to purchase before the general public. As expected, your reservation fee will be credited towards the checkout price of your future Killswitch order.

Your connection is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption and your card will not be charged until you complete the reservation process.