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OnePlus 8T Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

The OnePlus 8T is here, and it has the sort of camera array that's going to get you pulled aside at airport security. Good thing you won't be flying any time soon. Better thing: dbrand's here with OnePlus 8T skins - your one-way ticket to smuggling anything you want onto an airplane. The agents will be so captivated by your immaculate OnePlus 8T skin that they'll stop paying attention to the metal detector. Who can blame them? The 3M vinyl we use to make our OnePlus 8T skins is so premium, it belongs in first class. Worried about peasants' fingerprints marring your new phone? First off: wash your hands. Second: our OnePlus 8T wraps will keep your phone spotless, no matter how many weeks it's been since your last shower.

Unrivaled Precision

You're sold on the premium materials we use for our OnePlus 8T skins, but you're still not sure how well they'll fit. Don't worry - dbrand has been dedicated to precision since we opened our doors in 2011. Our OnePlus 8T skins will perfectly fit every corner, curve, and contour. We measure our OnePlus 8T skins down to the thousandth of a millimeter. It's like the Large Hadron Collider of vinyl - we would know, because we stole CERN's equipment and are now using it for the greater good: destroying Earth. But first, we're using it to cut hyper-precise OnePlus 8T skins. We're so confident in the precision of our OnePlus 8T wraps, we've claimed the trademarks to prove it. Buy some OnePlus 8T skins now and experience the most precise fit on earth.™

Unlimited Customization

You've been so focused on the materials and precision of our OnePlus 8T skins, you haven't even considered that there might be more than one color available. Scroll back up to our state-of-the-art OnePlus 8T skin customization tool and take a look at the options. We'll wait. What you just witnessed was the practically infinite number of OnePlus 8T wraps dbrand has to offer. From Black Swarm to Hyperblack Titanium, White Marble to Mahogany, you're sure to find the OnePlus 8T wraps to suit your taste. Not interested in eating vinyl? Well, we guarantee that the look and feel will be top-tier as well. If you're worried about decision paralysis, we've got the solution: just buy five sets of OnePlus 8T skins and pick your favorite later. For now, just focus on crafting your masterpieces.

Our Mission

You're all set to buy some OnePlus 8T skins. Now you just need to decide if you want them soon or sooner. Have we mentioned that our lightning-fast tracked shipping is free for orders over $25? If that's not fast enough, we've got FedEx expedited shipping so you can get your OnePlus 8T skins overnight. It's like the Warp Charge of shipping speeds. Once your OnePlus 8T skins arrive, we'll guide you to a perfect installation with our helpful tutorial videos. If you mess it up beyond your wildest dreams, our unparalleled Customer Support Robots will be there to get you back on the right track. The whole experience will make a dbrand addict out of you. You know how they say the first hit is always free? This time, it isn't. dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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