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Nintendo Switch Skins & Wraps


We will not be selling Nintendo Switch skins. The coating on the Switch is incompatible with all types of skins and wraps. We strongly advise you to not purchase from anyone who offers Nintendo Switch skins, as removal after an extended period of time will result in damage to your device. Take a look at the photos below the customizer for a visual of the damage we’re referring to. For more detailed information, feel free to visit this Reddit thread:

That sucks, but thanks for being honest.
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Premium Materials

You came to dbrand because of our legendary customization and robotically precise Nintendo Switch skins. Now that you’re here, allow us to drop you another fact: only dbrand uses authentic, true-textured 3M vinyl on every single product we make, including all our Nintendo Switch skins. What does this mean? Well, normally it would mean that when you’re ready to take off your Joy-Con skin or Switch skin and replace it with a new one, you wouldn’t have to worry. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here and we’re not going to be selling Nintendo Switch skins / wraps. The coating on the Switch JoyCons and the screen/pad-printing of the logo on the Nintendo Switch Console is designed in a way which doesn’t play well with any type of adhesive-backed skins. When you remove the JoyCon skin, parts of the coating can potentially come off with it. Same is true for the logo on the Console. It’s extraordinarily rare that companies produce devices which are incompatible with skins – in fact, this is the first device we’ve ever encountered that we weren’t able to customize with a skin. It’s unfortunate, but we’re better off telling you this now than taking your money and having you find out later.

Unrivaled Precision

Precision: it’s a word we take very seriously at dbrand. If you’re looking for the best Nintendo Switch skin on the planet – or even the best Joycon skin on the planet – you’ve come to the right place. Sorry… let us rephrase. You’ve come to the right place to learn the truth. Take a look at the photos above… what you’re seeing is a Nintendo Switch JoyCon and Console once a skin has been removed. The Switch is the first device we’ve ever encountered which had a coating that got messed up by the removal of skins – our analysis has confirmed that it’s an issue with the UV-cured coating on the JoyCons and the screen/pad-printing of the logo on the back of the console. Our Nintendo Switch wraps would normally be purpose-built to offer limitless customization, but unfortunately, we simply can’t sell them to you. If you’re looking for the honest truth, we’re here to give it to you: don’t buy a Nintendo Switch skin from us or anyone else.

Unlimited Customization

Take a minute to scroll up and check out our Nintendo Switch skin / wrap customizer. Come back down here when you’re done, we’ll wait. Back already? What you just witnessed was the most innovative Nintendo Switch wrap customizer in existence. While it sucks that you can’t actually buy the thing you’re looking at, the tool itself is exclusive to dbrand and is available on every product we sell (or in this case, don’t sell). It’s a unique interface which allows you to get a live preview of precisely how your Nintendo Switch skin will look if it could be customized by dbrand. From Matte Black to Mahogany, Carbon Fiber to Titanium, even Marble skins and Concrete wraps, we’ve got a Nintendo Switch skin you’ll wish we could put up for sale.

Our Mission

Everyone already knows dbrand offers unrivaled precision. We’re here to let you know that we’re just as committed to providing a superior customer experience. As strange as it may seem, that superior customer experience for the Nintendo Switch means never selling you a skin in the first place. Most companies would sweep an issue like this under the rug until it turned into a disaster, but at dbrand, we’re offering transparency and honesty. The photos you’re looking at above of the wrecked JoyCon and Console isn’t what would happen the very first time you removed your Nintendo Switch skin, but it definitely has the potential to happen over time. Even if the issue is only 1/10th as bad as what you’re seeing up there and only happens to one in every hundred Nintendo Switch skin customers, it’s simply not a risk we’re willing to take. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™