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Nintendo Switch Lite Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You just bought a Nintendo Switch Lite. Finally, a real D-Pad. The only price you had to pay? Those ugly colours. Well… that and a couple hundred bucks. But back to this Faustian bargain you've agreed to in exchange for a real D-Pad. What if you could hide those ugly pastel shades under something more palatable, while also protecting your Switch Lite from scratches, sweat, and fingerprints? That's where dbrand's Switch Lite skins come in. All of our Switch Lite wraps are made using 100% authentic 3M vinyl. That means they're durable, true-textured, and add grip to your Switch Lite - all while keeping the disgusting palm sweat from your intense Smash Bros. sessions at bay. How did we get this far without mentioning our Switch Lite Tempered Glass screen protector? Get a Switch Lite screen protector today. It's the only way your Switch Lite can be 100% dbranded.

Unrivaled Precision

Whether you're sneaking in some gaming on a bus, at the park, or at work (you're fired by the way), you want to amaze random onlookers with your Switch Lite skin. You want your handheld to have that look factory-fitted custom look. The only way to accomplish this goal is by getting the most precisely-fitted Switch Lite skins on the planet. Lucky for you, "precision" is more than a nine-letter word at dbrand. We take it so seriously, it may as well be a twenty-seven letter word. That's 300% of the precision. We've measured, cut, and applied our Switch Lite skins hundreds of times to ensure a flawless fit. It's a tried-and-tested R&D process that we've been honing since 2011, specifically so we could offer the most precise Switch Lite skins on the market.

Unlimited Customization

With the loss of detachable Joy-Cons, you might be thinking your new Nintendo Switch Lite is lacking in customization options. You'd be right... if we weren't selling Switch Lite skins. From Matte Black to Gloss Red to Black Swarm, you're guaranteed to find a Switch Lite wrap that puts those abominable pastel hues to shame. You can even mix-and-match Switch Lite skin combinations using our state-of-the-art skin customization interface. Marvel at the real-time preview as you swap out a Gloss Yellow Logo skin for a Black Carbon one. Amazing, right? Once you've found the perfect combination, be sure to add your Switch Lite skin kit to your cart, along with a set of Switch Lite Tempered Glass. We'll see you at checkout.

Our Mission

Once your Nintendo Switch Lite skins and Switch Lite screen protector are in your cart, it's time to checkout via our secure payment gateway. No hidden fees or taxes here - what you see is what you pay. If you can't wait another minute for your Switch Lite skins (and you can't), we recommend selecting expedited FedEx shipping. Otherwise, enjoy your free shipping on orders over $25. Then, you should hermetically seal your Switch Lite to make sure nothing bad happens to it while you wait - don't worry, delivery won't take long at all. Once your order arrives, installation will be a breeze with our industry-leading tutorial video. If you run into any problems, our world-famous customer service robots will have your back. The entire purchasing process will be so smooth that you'll have no choice but to buy dbrand for all of your other devices. You'll tell all your friends. That's what we mean when we say, "dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™"

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