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Surface Duo 2 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

The Surface Duo 2 proves that Microsoft is here to stay in the foldable phone game. Despite their troubled beginnings as an overhyped gimmick, folding phones have taken the world by storm in 2021. We at dbrand may not be meteorologists, but we know there's money to be made in storms. Look no further than our Surface Duo 2 skins for proof. From the premium materials alone, our Surface Duo 2 wraps fly high above the competition. That's because we exclusively use 3M vinyl, ensuring our Surface Duo 2021 skins are the best on the planet. Nervous about mishandling your new foldable? Not to worry. Pretend your new Duo was a baby. You obviously don't want to drop babies, but that hasn't stopped you in the past. Our Surface Duo 2 skins won't just keep you from dropping the baby, they'll also prevent scuffs and scratches. You'll be so shocked by the true-textured feel of our Surface Duo 2 skins that you'll soon be buying multiple sets just to try every different style we offer. It's a good thing our Surface Duo 2 wraps can be removed without leaving any gooey residue behind. Time to see what all the commotion is about. Buy some Surface Duo 2 skins now.

Unrivaled Precision

When it comes to creating perfect Surface Duo 2 skins, there's a lot more work involved than simply sourcing high-quality materials. A factory-custom fit for your Surface Duo 2 skin requires unparalleled precision. Good thing you're shopping with dbrand - our proprietary Surface Duo 2 skin R&D process is the stuff of legends. Before we begin mass production on anything (Surface Duo 2 skins included) we undergo a rigorous trial of measuring, cutting, and applying our products until we're satisfied that the fit is accurate. Not just "good enough" accurate, either - we're talking perfection, down to the thousandth of a millimeter. That's just how we've done things since we opened up shop in 2011. Once you've seen the precision of our Surface Duo 2 skins, you'll see why we do things the dbrand way.

Unlimited Customization

Quick quiz - how many different types of Surface Duo 2 skin do you think we sell? If the answer is "a lot," congrats - you won! Your prize will be mailed to you once you've placed an order for Surface Duo 2 skins. What is it? Obviously, an envelope containing the Surface Duo 2 skins you ordered - your favorite(s) out of our wide selection of Surface Duo 2 skin materials. Whether you're getting tactical with Black Camo Surface Duo 2 skins or showcasing your love of hexagons with Black Matrix, you're sure to find the Surface Duo 2 skin that will lighten your wallet. As an added bonus, you can individually customize the logo on your Surface Duo 2 to create a two-toned masterpiece. What are you waiting for?

Our Mission

If you've gotten this far down the page without adding Surface Duo 2 skins to your cart, just close the tab. You're wasting your time almost as badly as you're wasting ours. If, on the other hand, you've already got a cart full of Surface Duo 2 skins, keep reading. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the checkout process. For one, you'll need to think about how much you want to pay for shipping. If the answer is "nothing at all," good news - any order over $25 qualifies for free shipping. Of course, if you prefer "fast" over "free," we also offer expedited shipping via FedEx. Once your order's placed, you have the unenviable task of waiting impatiently for your Surface Duo 2 skins to arrive. Don't worry, it won't take long - we've optimized our shipping partnerships to ensure efficient delivery. Once the envelope's in your hands, it's only a matter of time until you've watched the installation video and decked out your Duo 2 with your choice of Surface Duo 2 skin. dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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