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Surface Book 3 15" Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You bought a Surface Book 3 15". You're not sure how it happened. Some otherworldly force compelled you to do it. None of that matters. What matters is that your new Surface Book needs some protection - by way of dbrand's Surface Book 3 15" skins, of course. Made exclusively with premium 3M vinyl, our Surface Book 3 skins (15") are guaranteed to protect from scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints. You wouldn't get the same guarantee from cheap knockoff vinyl. The vinyl we use for our Surface Book 3 15-inch skins? It's the kind you use to wrap a Lamborghini. We haven't even mentioned the best part: the patented adhesive on every dbrand Surface Book 3 skin (15 inch) is guaranteed to come off without any gluey residue. If you ever forget why you bought a Surface Book 3 (15") skin, the simple act of seeing and feeling it will be your reminder.

Unrivaled Precision

Quality materials are one thing, but we haven't even touched on how perfectly your future Surface Book 3 skin (15") is going to fit your laptop. Has anyone ever come up to you and asked: "Hey, that's a really precise Surface Book 3 15-inch skin, where did you get it?" No? You should make new friends. Then, tell them about us. You'll be an easy dbrand evangelist once you've applied a Surface Book 3 skin (15 inch) and marveled at how flawlessly it adheres to every contour of your Surface Book. Since 2011, we've prided ourselves on a track record of flawless precision. Our Surface Book 3 (15") skins aren't about to change that.

Unlimited Customization

On your way down this page, you passed our state-of-the-art Surface Book 3 15-inch skin customizer. Did you take a good look at it? If not, now's the time - because we're about to tell you about all the ways you can customize your Surface Book 3 skin (15") and make it your own. Not only can you individually customize the Top, Logo, Spine, Trackpad and Bottom with our huge array of Surface Book 3 (15") skin materials - you can even see the preview image update in real-time. There's basically an unlimited number of Surface Book 3 (15 inch) skin configurations - and you can spend all day trying each of them out at the top of this page, watching a real-time preview of how excellent your Surface Book 3 skins (15 inch) are going to look.

Our Mission

You've seen the endless variety offered by our Surface Book 3 skins (15"). You've added them to your cart. We're done here, right? Wrong. Your dbrand journey is just beginning. Let's talk shipping: we're masters at it. Where other online stores might take weeks to ship your order, dbrand ships in as little as 24 hours, using the fastest carriers available. Did we mention it's free on orders over $30? It's true. Of course, if you can't wait another minute for your Surface Book 3 (15") skins, you can also select expedited shipping via FedEx. Once your Surface Book 3 skins (15") arrive, you've got to apply them. You're not alone, though: we've made a Surface Book 3 skin installation tutorial video for clueless humans just like you. Run into any problems? Our top-tier Customer Experience robots are just an email away. Once your Surface Book 3 (15") skins have taken your laptop to the next level, you'll know what we mean when we say... dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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