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iPad Pro 11" Skins & Wraps (2018-2019, Gen 1)


Premium Materials

Before we talk about the world-class quality of our iPad Pro 11” skins, let’s paint a picture together. You’ve got your brand new iPad Pro 11” in hand. You’re headed to Starbucks in an attempt to curve your writer’s block (or show the world that you’re a writer, whatever floats your pretentious boat). You sit down and slowly stir your Tall Americano - black, because you’re a bitter human being. As you lift your stir stick out of the white and green paper cup, liquid droplets darker than your soul land on the back of your new 11-inch iPad Pro. You go into a full-on panic, aggressively trying to scrub the coffee residue off an Apple that cost you 4 paychecks. In the process, you manage to scratch it. In the span of 15 minutes, you’ve gone from being on (i)Cloud Nine to questioning why anyone let you have hands. Save yourself a trip to the therapist and buy a dbrand iPad Pro 11” skin. The relief of knowing your device is protected by a layer of premium 3M vinyl is enough to extend an average human’s life by 314%. dbrand: the longer you live, the more skins you’ll buy.

Unrivaled Precision

If you’ve ever purchased an 11-inch iPad Pro skin, or any skin for that matter, you’ve probably seen the word “precision” thrown around. Be skeptical. Precision isn’t a word to be taken lightly. When we say that we’ve got the most precise fit on earth™ for your iPad Pro 11” skin, we mean it. Our top-secret prototyping process is so effective, your friends and family will think the devices were shipped like that straight from Apple. Our R&D robots go through a painstaking process of over a thousand revisions before achieving a fit on our iPad Pro 11-inch skins that we’re proud to call flawless. Since 2011, it’s been our tried-and-tested method, giving you confidence that the legendary hype around our immaculate precision is represented on our iPad Pro 11” skins and wraps.

Unlimited Customization

If you’re looking for a bland way to scratch-proof your new 11” iPad Pro, head over to eBay and grab the cheapest iPad case you can find. Throw it on your iPad, go back to your pathetic life, and never come back to our site. Sounds terrible, right? It’s fine - that’s what our 11-inch iPad Pro skins and wraps are here for. Research shows that humans like variety. Prove us right by scrolling up and checking out the world’s most advanced iPad Pro 11” skin customization tool on the internet. Slap a Bulletproof Banana skin on the back of your iPad Pro 11” and watch your Instagram followers grow. Too flashy? Confused as to why it’s called Bulletproof Banana? That’s fine - we’ve got a wide array of 11” iPad Pro skins and wraps - all in patented 3M materials. From Black Matrix to Mahogany, Carbon Fiber to Concrete, even Bamboo and Black Dragon... you’ll be sure to find an iPad Pro 11-inch skin to lower your bank account balance. Alright - we’re running out of creative copywriting and you’ve hit your daily quota for reading. Head back up to our iPad Pro 11” skin customizer and and start figuring out which skin it is that’s going to make us a little richer today. Ah, wait... we forgot to mention that we have Apple Pencil skins that make your Apple Pencil look like an actual #2 pencil. Buy like 50 of them.

Our Mission

We are categorically the industry leaders in iPad Pro 11” skins and wraps - you already knew that. Now let’s talk about how we’re global leaders in customer experience. From the moment you land on our website to the moment you receive your skins, the experience is purposefully crafted to be unparalleled. Start with our innovative real-time preview skin customizer. Next, add-to-cart and head over to our custom-built, streamlined checkout. Pause for a second. See those prices beside your iPad Pro 11” and Apple Pencil skins? Surprise: they’re the same as they were on the product page. That’s right - we refuse to tack on additional taxes or fees. Want to avoid paying shipping? Just give us more money ($30 or more, to be precise) and receive free global shipping. Are you as impatient as your unskinned iPad is scratch-prone? Excellent! Just select FedEx Express at checkout and, somewhat like magic, an iPad Pro 11” skin or Apple Pencil skin will appear at your doorstep in as little as 24 hours. Once you’ve got your skins in hand, check out our how-to-apply tutorial videos and experience Oscar-worthy production that just happens to educate you on how to apply your iPad Pro 11” skins and Apple Pencil skins. Oh - and don’t forget to tweet us a photo of what your skinned device looks like. Not only will it help us keep track of how the dbrand revolution is progressing, we might even re-tweet it and blow up your phone with thousands of likes. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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