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Framework Laptop Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

The Framework Laptop is new on the block and is already making waves. Ignore the flooding streets and focus instead on this novel new laptop: a revolution in the fight for your right to repair the overpriced tech you buy. What about your right to customize? That's where we come in. We've been hard at work crafting the perfect Framework Laptop skins to take your customization game to the next level. Look, you're a savvy consumer. You know you only want the best for your personalized laptop experience. We know that you know, and that's why we use exclusively premium 3M vinyl for our Framework Laptop skins. With our Framework wraps installed on your laptop, you can safely perform surgery on the innards without worrying about surface scuffs and scratches mucking up the chassis. When it's time for the next big customization, our Framework Laptop skins can be removed with no gooey residue behind. That means you can get to installing new Framework Laptop skins in no time flat. As well as a right to repair, you have a right to make your laptop look sick. Take your first step and buy some Framework Laptop skins now.

Unrivaled Precision

When it comes to precisely made Framework Laptop skins, who would you trust other than the robots at dbrand? We have been dedicated to offering only the most precisely cut vinyl on the planet since we opened up shop in 2011. Our Framework Laptop skins are no exception. First, we measure every fathomable dimension down to the hundredth of a millimeter. Then we disassemble our hyper-precise measuring lasers and measure every component inside with even more sophisticated machinery. Once that's done, we reassemble the lasers and do about a hundred more measurements, just to verify that it's accurate. Overkill? Sure. But once you see how precise our Framework Laptop skins are, you'll agree that our attention to detail is worth it. This commitment to perfection ensures our Framework Laptop skins offer the most precise fit on earth.™ Get buying.

Unlimited Customization

Now that you've heard about the precision and premium materials that go into our Framework Laptop skins, it's time to talk about variety. Take a moment to scroll back up to the Framework Laptop skin customizer and have a look around. We'll be here when you get back. Pretty cool, right? Assuming the drugs have kicked in, you've just experienced the power of limitless possibility, unlocked by our practically infinite number of Framework Laptop skins. If they haven't, you've still seen the staggering variety of our Framework Laptop skin selection. The extensive modularity of your Framework Laptop's internals is only matched by the unlimited variety of Framework Laptop skins we offer to customize the exterior. Maybe you're the sophisticated type. We've got Black Leather and Mahogany just for you. Looking to get tactical? Be sure to pack some Black Carbon Fiber and Green Camo. If you just want random passersby to think you've lost your mind, Bulletproof Banana and Off Pink are a... compelling(?) combination. Whatever your mood, we've got Framework Laptop skins to fit the bill. Start crafting your masterpiece now.

Our Mission

You've made up your mind and you've added some Framework Laptop skins to your cart. Congratulations - that's the hardest part. What comes next is a straightforward checkout process and quick, painless shipping. Well, maybe painless. Our Expedited FedEx shipping is so fast that it genuinely might hurt you. For the cowards who'd prefer not to be hurt, we offer free tracked shipping on any Framework Laptop skin order over $25. Once you have your Framework Laptop skins in your hands, you'll be able to follow along with our ASMR-inducing tutorial video to get them installed perfectly. If anything goes wrong, our world-class customer support robots will be waiting for your email to get you back in the game. From beginning to end, you'll be treated to the platinum experience. Soon, you'll understand what we mean when we say... dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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