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Nothing Phone Tempered Glass

You've had far too many smartphone displays become a mess of micro-scratches over the years. Leave nothing to chance. Avoid the inevitable with a set of dbrand's Tempered Glass Nothing Phone (2) screen protectors or Nothing Phone (1) screen protectors. Our Nothing Phone 2 screen protector isn't just an insurance policy, it's less likely to scratch in the first place. Nothing Phone 1 screen protectors: they're cheaper than replacing your screen. Oh - and did we mention each order comes with a two-pack?

Making the most precise edge-to-edge Nothing Phone (2) screen protector in the world is a trivial task for the robots at dbrand. The flat screen on the Nothing Phone made our job even easier. dbrand's Nothing Phone (1) screen protector is ultra-thin, has smooth rounded edges, and is as hard as quartz - that's a 7 on the Moh's scale of hardness, if you've never seen a JerryRigEverything video. With 100% optical clarity and best-in-class oleophobic coating, it's everything your hands and eyes could ever want out of a Nothing Phone 2 screen protector. dbrand's Nothing Phone 1 Tempered Glass: it's like every other screen protector you've ever had... but better in every way.