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XPS 13 Skins & Wraps (9305)


Premium Materials

So, you're getting a Dell XPS 13 9305. That's all well and good, but it doesn't change the fact that you wake up every night with a crippling fear: what happens if you scratch the chassis? It can't be cheap to replace. This is where dbrand comes in. We're the global leader in XPS 13 9305 skins - that's why you're here. Our XPS 13 (9305) skins won't just protect your XPS from scratches and scuffs, they'll also make your laptop look amazing. Did we mention that our 9305 XPS 13 wraps won't add any bulk? They're paper thin. When we make claims like this, you probably think our XPS 13 9305 skins are magic. They're not magic... unless "3M" doesn't mean what we think it means. See, we use authentic 3M vinyl - the ultimate material for XPS 13 9305 skins. Need more convincing? How about this: the patented adhesive on every XPS 13 (9305) wrap ensures it comes off cleanly. Want a fresh look for your Dell? Just peel the skin off and put on a new one, with no adhesive goo in sight. Forget what we said earlier - it might actually be magic.

Unrivaled Precision

We can't talk about dbrand's XPS 13 9305 skins without talking about the mindblowing levels of precision they contain. If our premium materials are magic, the precision of our skins is practically rocket surgery. That's right: the precision of a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, all-in-one. It's our guarantee that every 9305 XPS 13 wrap from dbrand is going to fit your laptop flawlessly. No exceptions. Our world-renowned R&D process involves measuring, cutting, and applying our XPS 13 (9305) skin thousands of times until we've honed in on the perfect fit. We're talking a better fit than your entire wardrobe, here - but that's admittedly a low bar. Look: the last thing you want is to buy a Dell XPS 13 9305 skin and learn the hard way that it's poorly-fitting. The world's got enough disappointment - after all, you live there. Tired of being a disappointment? You can still turn things around - you just need to open your wallet.

Unlimited Customization

The protection you'll gain from an XPS 13 9305 skin is all well and good, but you're also in the market for customization. You're tired of boring laptops. You want to show off some personality - and your XPS 13 (9305) skin is going to be doing the heavy lifting. Settle down, Dell owner: we offer over a huge variety of XPS 13 (9305) skins. Plus, you can customize each part of your 9305 XPS 13 individually to create a custom masterpiece. You can find more XPS 13 9305 skins than you'll know what to do with in our state-of-the-art customizer at the top of the page. Try out three different Carbon Fiber colors on the Top, Bottom and Palmrest... or mix Green Camo with Mahogany for a woodland look, then ruin the whole thing with a horribly-clashing Logo color. We know you will. Once you've found a perfect-looking set of XPS 13 9305 skins, it's time to move on to the most important part of your purchase: the one where you give us your money.

Our Mission

You've added your 9305 XPS 13 skins to your cart. You're psyched. What's next? First, you hit our secure payment gateway and see how much money you're spending - don't worry, there are no hidden taxes or fees. Next, you ask yourself: "Am I spending more than $30 to qualify for free shipping?" If the answer is no, you can always buy more. Now, if the answer is yes? First, good call. Second, you should decide if you want to pay for expedited FedEx shipping - can you really wait more than a day? Once you've decided you can't wait more than a day, you pay us. That's our favorite part! Next, you wait. You wait fervently. You're twitching while you wait. You've never been this excited about anything in your life. Your XPS 13 9305 skins will arrive in record time. After you’ve installed them with the help of our best-in-class installation tutorial video, your mind is blown by the quality. You buy three more. You start buying devices solely so you can dbrand them. You begin to eat, sleep, and breathe dbrand - that's our mission. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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