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MacBook Air 13" Skins & Wraps (2018-2019)


Premium Materials

As someone shopping for the best 2018-2019 Macbook Air 13” skins available, it may not be obvious what separates a “premium” material from the rest. With dbrand, you’ll receive true-textured skins sourced strictly from 3M, the global leader in high-quality vinyl. What does this mean for your 2018 Macbook 13-inch Air wraps? It means that when it’s time to swap one skin for another, you won’t see any adhesive residue that’s typically seen from knock-off vinyl. Thanks to our exclusive agreement with 3M and our ridiculous buying power, we’re able to take things even a step further. When browsing through our website looking for your 13” Air (2018-2019) skins, you’ll see designs made exclusively for dbrand. That’s right, we buy so much vinyl that 3M produced a set of premium 13” 2018-2019 MacBook Air skins just for us. In short, our 13-inch MacBook Air (2018-2019) skins are created to ensure superior quality, ease of installation and a flawless fit.

Unrivaled Precision

Sit down and let us tell you the story of ill-fitting 2018-2019 MacBook 13-inch Air skins. When they’re too big, they tend to curl up in your bag, slowly peeling off, collecting scratches and who knows what else in the process. When they’re too small, they look like you either installed them incorrectly, cheaped out and got an off-brand product or just don’t care about your device. Avoid the shame of a poorly-sized MacBook 13” Air (2018-2019) skins knowing that dbrand wraps fit perfectly every time. How can we be so confident about the precision of our 13-inch Air skins? Simple… we’ve applied, reapplied and refined our manufacturing process a thousand times over to ensure that every MacBook 13” wrap that leaves our Toronto facility fits impeccably. At dbrand, precision isn’t some blanket marketing term. After all, we trademarked the phrase: the most precise fit on earth™ for good reason.

Unlimited Customization

Do you feel like spending hundreds of dollars to buy all our 2018-2019 Macbook Air 13-inch skins to see which ones you like? Great! We’d love more Lamborghinis. In the case that you just want a few skins this time around, try our 13” Air customizer. Scroll back to the top of this page, select a coverage, select a design and see it come to life in real-time. What you’ve just witnessed is the most innovative 2018-2019 MacBook Air 13” skin customization tool on the planet. Choose from design options such as: Black Camo, Black Matrix, Bulletproof Banana (note, this won’t actually make your phone bulletproof) and even White Marble. With so many customization options available, we’re confident that you’ll be able to customize your Air 13-inch (2018-2019) wrap to your personal taste. Enough talk … scroll back up, all the way to the top, add some skins to your cart and give us your money.

Our Mission

Everyone knows that dbrand offers unrivaled precision. Here’s another fact that you may not have heard - we’re committed to providing an unmatched customer experience as well. Start by choosing your 2018-2019 MacBook 13” wraps, add the ones you like to your cart and head over to our streamlined checkout. You’ll notice that the price of your 13-Inch Air skins are the same as they were on the product page. No, you’re not going crazy… We just refuse to tack on any added taxes or fees. Want to avoid paying shipping altogether? When you give us $25 or more of your money, you’ll not only be helping us buy more Lamborghinis, you’ll unlock free global shipping in the process. If you’re as impatient as your Macbook 13” Air (2018-2019) is scratch-prone, we’ve got a solution for that too. Select FedEx Express at check out and receive your 13” Air wraps in as little as 24 hours. Now comes the fun part. Once you’ve got your package in-hand, check out our legendary how-to-apply videos and experience the most entertaining piece of education since Schoolhouse Rock. dbrand: It’s not a product it’s a culture™.

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