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Apple Card Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

Let's face it - it was inevitable that you'd get an Apple Card. The whole point of a credit card is to spend money you don't have, and those Cupertino madmen have created an empire out of painting your reckless spending habits as a fashion statement. It's a match made in heaven. There's just one problem - the clean aesthetic of the titanium card is tarnished if you look at it wrong, to say nothing of putting it in your wallet. Enter Apple Card skins. How can you flex your titanium credit card if it's covered by an Apple Card skin, you ask? There's only one material that's more premium than titanium, and that's 3M vinyl. Want proof? There's no company on the planet more dedicated to quality materials than dbrand, and we've got thousands of rolls of 3M vinyl versus zero rolls of titanium. Checkmate, Apple. That same 3M vinyl is used when manufacturing the Apple Card skin you're minutes away from buying. One more thing: the patented adhesive on every dbrand Apple Card skin might just be the only material in existence that doesn't stain, discolour or leave residue on your card.

Unrivaled Precision

So you're wondering about the precision of our Apple Card skins. Frankly, that's a stupid thing to worry about. We skinned the AirPods case, remember? An Apple Card skin is just a rectangle with rounded corners. It's a slam dunk. Still, it's a good thing you got us started on precision, because we have a legal obligation to spend exactly one paragraph talking about it for every product we launch - Apple Card skins included. So, here it is: we measured the Apple Card down to the thousandth of a millimeter to ensure our Apple Card wraps will fit flawlessly. We measured the front and back, just in case they were different somehow. We even measured the embossed Apple logo so that we could sell Apple Card skins with logo cutouts - otherwise nobody will know you've got an Apple Card. That would defeat the entire purpose of the card, right? Listen: dbrand's got a reputation here. We trademarked "The most precise fit on earthâ„¢" for a reason. Apple Card skins aren't going to be the exception.

Unlimited Customization

So you want to truly customize the look of your card with an Apple Card skin. We've got tons of options. Everybody you know is about to have a titanium credit card, but how many people have one made out of Black Carbon Fiber? It's a look that you can only achieve with a dbrand Apple Card skin. Buy a Black Swarm Apple Card skin to constantly remind yourself that you're a drone in the Apple hive. You can find all of the options at the top of this page, in our state-of-the-art Apple Card skin customizer. Mix and match different Front and Back pieces to achieve the look of your dreams. If you can't find it, you haven't dreamed hard enough. Get some sleep. Dream about Apple Card skins. Try again in the morning. Bet you found it this time. Once your customization is complete, add the Apple Card skins to your cart. We'll see you at checkout.

Our Mission

First thing's first: don't checkout with your Apple Card. You don't have an Apple Card skin yet, remember? Just looking at it will cause it to wither and disintegrate on the spot. Use a regular credit card (or PayPal) instead of a fashion credit card. Flaunting your wealth and status just tells us you haven't given us enough of your money yet. Once you've got your real credit card in-hand, punch the numbers into our secure payment gateway. Then, decide which shipping service you'd like. Ordering more than $25 worth of Apple Card skins? If not, buy more. That way, you'll qualify for free shipping. Alternatively, you could pay more for expedited FedEx shipping in as little as 24 hours. We know how much you love to pay more, and every extra day you don't have an Apple Card skin, your Apple Card might get ruined by simply existing. Either way, your Apple Card skin will arrive before you know it, and you can resume spending money you don't have... because you already gave it all to us.

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