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Apple AirTag Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

In 2021, Apple unveiled the AirTag. Hours later, dbrand unveiled AirTag skins. Why, you ask? Simple: they're free money. Well, almost free. After all, this premium, top-of-the-line 3M vinyl doesn't pay for itself. Our true-textured AirTag skins will make your tiny frisbee look and feel like it's worth the four full-sized frisbees that your $29 could have bought instead. Plus, our AirTag skins will keep your brand new piece of glossy white plastic safe from scuffs and surface scratches. Don't believe us? Good thing our AirTag wraps leave no gooey residue behind so that you can double-check with ease. You’ve already shelled out the cash for a thin piece of plastic from Apple. Now you just need an even thinner disc from dbrand so that your AirTag actually looks good. Buy some AirTag skins now.

Unrivaled Precision

When it comes to AirTag skins, who would you trust except dbrand? Everyone knows we have the most precise fit on earth.™ Apple thought they were throwing us a curveball with the AirTag. Good thing we know that every curve eventually becomes a circle. Every single one of our AirTag skins is meticulously cut using hyper-precise robot technology, something Tim Cook wishes he could afford. The result? Perfectly circular AirTag skins. We've taken circumference, diameter, and more into consideration when crafting our AirTag wraps. Radius? We've got it. Pi? We eat pi for breakfast. Pick up some AirTag skins now and see what all the fuss is about.

Unlimited Customization

Premium, precise AirTag skins are nearly within your grasp, but there's just one problem: you haven't even considered what color you want. Scroll back up to the top of the page and take in our state-of-the-art AirTag skin customizer. Don't worry, we'll wait for you to get back. Impressive, right? What you just witnessed was the near-infinite number of AirTag skin options we have on offer. With so many possibilities, you'll be able to skin your AirTag to match whatever you need to track. Have a pet lizard? Feed it some Black Dragon. Track a tree with some Green Camo, or remain undetected on a covert “peacekeeping” mission with Black Camo. Turns out, the paranoia you’ve developed after being locked inside for a year compels you to anxiously monitor everything in your surroundings. You’ll drive yourself mad trying to differentiate between all of your trackable discs - unless you also pick up a few dozen AirTag skins. What are you waiting for? Get buying.

Our Mission

You're sold on the premium materials, the precision, and the limitless variety of our AirTag skins. Now, it's time for checkout. Good news: if you've got over $25 worth of AirTag skins in your cart, you'll get free, tracked shipping. Sure, $25 worth of AirTag skins might seem excessive to some people, but we’re not in the business of asking questions. When your AirTag skins arrive, you'll be astounded at how easily a vinyl circle can be applied to a tiny disc. If, against all odds, you manage to screw it up, our top-of-the-line Customer Support Robots are standing by to make fun of you… and to get you back on the right track. You’ll be treated so well throughout the entire process that you’ll be itching to buy more AirTag skins just to feel some semblance of joy again. We’ll be here with your next fix whenever you’re ready. dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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