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Apple AirPods Pro Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

Just what the world needed: an even more expensive set of AirPods. If you're shelling out top dollar for some rubber tips, you can probably afford to wrap the case with the best AirPods Pro skins that money can buy. We'll even do Apple one better and offer things that the competition can't: the most precisely-fitting AirPods Pro skins on the planet, manufactured from the highest-quality materials on the market. dbrand's exclusive use of 3M vinyl when producing our AirPods Pro skins means that your charging case won't just have unprecedented levels of texture and grip, it'll also be protected from scratches and scuffs - it's hard to flaunt your imaginary wealth and status with a damaged AirPods case, after all. It's not just the vinyl that's high-quality, either. The patented adhesive on every set of AirPods Pro skins guarantees that the skin will leave no gooey residue upon removal... not that you'll ever want to remove them.

Unrivaled Precision

Can you imagine trying to flex on AirPods Gen 1 peasants with a poorly-fitting set of AirPods Pro skins? Embarrassing, right? There's not much we can do to stop you from embarrassing yourself - other than guaranteeing that imprecise AirPods Pro skins won't be the reason. In buying an AirPods Pro wrap, you'll learn that there's a difference between "precise" and "dbrand precise" - the difference is that dbrand's AirPods Pro skins have been measured, cut, and applied thousands of times to ensure a flawless fit. In fact, your AirPods Pro skin will fit so well that people will think your AirPods case is factory-custom. They'll ask you how much it cost you - just give them the highest number you can think of. After you've told them it cost you an extra two hundred dollars, they'll look for a cheaper option and find our AirPods Pro skins. Win-win.

Unlimited Customization

You're sold on our AirPods Pro skins, but there's just one problem: our limitless variety is matched only by your indecisiveness. Your vanity knows no bounds, so why should our material selection? Offering more varieties of AirPods Pro skins than you know what to do with is the only way to guarantee you find the look you need. Here are some suggestions to help with the indecision: Put that "Find My..." functionality to use with Black Camo or Green Camo, or grab Concrete AirPods Pro skins - just don't try skipping them across a lake. Maybe you're the most boring person on the planet - we've got Matte White AirPods Pro skins for you. You'll find all of these options and more at the top of this page, in our state-of-the-art skin customization tool. Once you've parsed our huge variety of materials for yourself, pick the one you want and click the buy button.

Our Mission

If you've already clicked the buy button, congrats. You're the soon-to-be owner of AirPods Pro skins. What's next? Well, we hope you spent more than $25 to qualify for free shipping. If not, consider buying more AirPods Pro skins. Then again, who are we kidding? You bought the most expensive AirPods. You definitely also paid for expedited FedEx shipping. That's just the sort of person you are. We're not judging - we've got your money either way. Once your package arrives, you'll definitely want to watch our industry-leading tutorial video - your AirPods Pro skin installation is doomed to fail otherwise. With the help of the video and our world-class customer service robots, it will only be a matter of time before you've got a unique AirPods Pro case to amaze all of your peers with. That's what this is all about, right? dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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