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Welcome to the wonderful world of dbrand. Since 2011, we've been the global leader in device customization. As our company has grown, so has the importance of . We've worked closely with , , to provide you with . It quite literally doesn't get any better than this.


Free Shipping

Free shipping. – Are there any two words you'd rather see when shopping online? Our offer is simple: buy more than worth of skins and your order ships for free. If you're spending less than , you should probably go back and add more items to your cart. If you can't find anything else to add, you're probably not looking hard enough - but you'll still only pay for shipping.

From our warehouse to your doorstep

Here's how this works: The second your order is placed, it enters our system and begins processing. Within 24 72 hours, often as little as 12, one of our highly trained fulfillment robots will have your order packed and ready for shipment. As soon as scans your package at our HQ, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email with a link to your tracking information. At this point, you'll likely be glued to your screen hitting refresh a few thousand times a day – totally understandable. The journey from our warehouse to your doorstep will be filled with tracking checkpoints and frequent updates. Once your order is ready, we'll send you an email notification that it's been shipped. The email will include an approximate delivery estimate timeframe. Once your order has been shipped, it will get on a dedicated flight from the facility in New York, headed directly for . Once it arrives in , your shipment will be processed by the people who know local delivery in best: your local postal service. Before you know it, your device will be wearing dbrand and life will never be the same.

Why is there no tracking?

That's an understandable question. At dbrand, we have experience with every shipping provider imaginable. Before switching to , we used a tracked service offered by a well-known logistics company. While the fact that it included a tracking number was fantastic, the reality is that tracking doesn't really mean much if delivery takes forever. With tracked services such as the one we were previously using, the physical delivery route from our warehouse to your doorstep was slow and ineffective. See, these types of services – ones which claim to have tracking, yet aren't true door-to-door couriers like FedEx – use two very inefficient processes: routing and rate shopping. The first one, routing, means that in order to get your package delivered to , it must first visit a global sorting facility along with hundreds of thousands of other parcels. It spends a few days there getting sorted, at which point it gets rate shopped. What this means is that the sorting facility will ask all the nearby postal services: “Which one of you will deliver this dbrand package to for the lowest cost?” Once this lengthy process is complete, the lowest bidder will take control of the package and ship it to your country. By the time all this is done, a week or more has been added to the delivery of your package and the result is still the same: your local postal service actually makes the delivery.

By using , we've skipped all the routing and rate shopping. Your package gets on a daily flight from our warehouse in Toronto to the hub in New York. It gets on another flight that very same day, a flight headed directly to . Once it arrives, your package is taken over by the local postal service, the same one which would be making the delivery had you gotten a tracking number, with the only difference being that there were no delays from tracking scans and re-sorting. The cost is extraordinarily low and every efficiency is used to make sure you get your order as quickly as possible.

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