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Xiaomi Poco X2 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

As far as budget phones are concerned, the Xiaomi Poco X2 is fairly impressive... but it will be a whole lot less impressive if it's covered in scratches, dust, and fingerprints. That's where we come in. dbrand's Poco X2 skins are guaranteed to provide maximum scratch protection, grip, and texture, without adding any bulk to your phone's sleek chassis. How can our Poco X2 skins accomplish so many things at once? Great question. It's all thanks to 3M material we manufacture every Poco X2 skin with. You heard that right - authentic 3M vinyl: true-textured, durable, delicious. If you aren't salivating yet, we'll do you one better: the patented adhesive on every Poco X2 skin from dbrand is guaranteed to leave no adhesive residue whatsoever, so you can swap to a new Poco X2 skin whenever you want... if you can afford to, that is.

Unrivaled Precision

Sure, our Poco X2 skins are durable, protective, and hewn from premium materials. That doesn't tell you anything about their precision. Know what should tell you a thing or two about the precision of our Poco X2 skins? The fact that we trademarked the phrase "the most precise fit on earth™" - specifically because our skins are so precise. Our Poco X2 skins are no exception. Don't believe us? Try looking it up. After you've looked it up, call a lawyer and ask if the trademark filing is legally binding. You'll do anything to poke a hole in our legal defenses and parley your way to a free Poco X2 skin, huh? Too bad for you: our legal defense is as bulletproof as they come. Trust us: it'll be a lot cheaper and easier to just buy some Poco X2 skins. Then, you can see for yourself that our hyper-precise Poco X2 skins are no joke.

Unlimited Customization

Maybe you're already sold on our Poco X2 skins - the protection and precision fits were already compelling sales pitches. On the other hand, maybe you're still on the fence - maybe we need to try some new tactics to sell you on our Poco X2 skins. That means it's time to talk about variety. See, Poco X2 skins don't just protect your phone from scratches and fingerprints - they also provide you unlimited customization options. We have over thirty different types of Poco X2 skins, and you can find them all at the top of this page, in our build-it-yourself Poco X2 skin customizer. Maybe you'll try a Matte White camera on an Orange body for a creamsicle look... or perhaps you'll go with Black Carbon and Red Carbon for your Poco X2 skin combo. Who are we kidding? You'll probably just cover the whole thing in Black Swarm. It makes no difference to us - we've already got your money.

Our Mission

You're ready to buy some Poco X2 skins. We'd tell you to buckle up... but in truth, it's going to be nothing but smooth sailing at checkout. To answer your most important question: yes, we ship to India. In fact, we ship to most places on Earth - and shipping is always free for orders over $25. Impatient? Unsurprising. That's why we offer expedited shipping via FedEx as well. Once your Poco X2 skins are on a truck, boat, or plane, you'll probably be pacing impatiently, back and forth, across your room. You won't be able to wait another minute for Poco X2 skins. It's okay. Take a deep breath. Here's our advice: watch the installation tutorial video a dozen times. That way, once your Poco X2 skins arrive, you'll be installing them like a pro. Then, and only then, will you understand. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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