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Galaxy Z Fold 2 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is here - it's the smartphone sequel that nobody asked for. In a similar vein, nobody asked us for Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins. We've never let that stop us, and we're not about to start now. How else could the literal dozens of folding phone advocates protect their overpriced gimmick device from scratches and fingerprints if not for dbrand Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins? They couldn't, that's how. Just like any unwanted cash-in sequel, we started by using the original as a base. That means the same premium, durable, true-textured 3M vinyl that constitutes our entire skin portfolio is also in use when producing our Z Fold 2 skins. We'll draw the line in the sand for you: any Galaxy Z Fold 2 wrap that doesn't use 3M vinyl isn't worth your time. It's going to be flimsy and cheap-feeling. dbrand's Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins? Top-of-the-line quality - and that extends to the adhesive, too. Not only is it strong enough to ensure that your Galaxy Z Fold 2 skin isn't going anywhere until you want it to, the adhesive is also guaranteed to leave zero gooey residue behind when you swap out your Z Fold 2 wrap for a new one.

Unrivaled Precision

Maybe this Galaxy Z Fold 2 skin is the first product you're purchasing from dbrand. That's okay - everybody starts somewhere. What you ought to know, however, is that dbrand has something of a reputation when it comes to precision. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 skin you're about to buy? It's been measured, cut, and tested on a practically atomic scale. We're talking thousandths of millimeters, here. That's how it's been since we opened up shop in 2011, and developed the legendary R&D process that we've now applied to our Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins. If this isn't your first time and you've already bought skins from dbrand before, you know all of this first-hand. All of your purchases have fit flawlessly. Your eyes have glazed over while reading this paragraph, to which we say: why are you even reading this? Just buy some Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins already. You know we're good for it, after all.

Unlimited Customization

You were on the fence about our Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins, but we've convinced you. You're sold. There's just one problem: you now find yourself atop a new fence, one with a mind-boggling number of sides to land on. We speak, of course, of the limitless variety of Z Fold 2 skins we sell. Don't sweat it - this product page isn't going anywhere. Scroll back up a bit and check out our build-it-yourself Galaxy Z Fold 2 skin customizer. Click around a bit. See that? It's a real-time preview of how excellent your Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins are going to look, once you've applied them to your device. With the help of this visual aid, you should be able to narrow things down to just your favorite Z Fold 2 skins. Maybe one Galaxy Z Fold 2 skin in particular stands out to you - that's your ticket. Maybe you've got three Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins you're interested in. Who ever said you're limited to one ticket? Buy all three - more money for us. No matter the case, you're guaranteed to find the Z Fold 2 skin that you've just gotta have. Nothing's stopping you: have it.

Our Mission

Let's recap what you know about our Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins. You know they're made with premium, high-quality materials. You've learned all about our hyper-precise R&D process. You've discovered your favorite(s) among our diverse portfolio of Z Fold 2 skins. There's just one piece missing to this puzzle: your wallet. Add your Z Fold 2 Skins to your cart. Next, hit checkout. Now, you've got a choice to make: do you want your Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins shipped fast, or faster? If your order is over $25, as it should be, you're entitled to free, fast, tracked shipping. Maybe that's not enough for you and your relentless need for speed. Good news: we also offer expedited overnight shipping via FedEx. Select that and your Galaxy Z Fold 2 skins will be at your door as soon as tomorrow. Once your package arrives, watch our comprehensive installation tutorial video to nail your installation. Even if you don't nail it, our world-class customer experience robots are always standing by to tell you how bad you messed up - and to help you fix it, we guess. Once your foldable monstrosity is adorned with a Galaxy Z Fold 2 skin, you'll understand what we mean when we say... dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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