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Galaxy S10 5G Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G because you wanted a Galaxy S10 and you wanted to pay an extra $400 for it. What's an extra $12.95 to protect the glass back from unwanted fingerprints and scratches? dbrand's Galaxy S10 5G skins are guaranteed to do all that and more - adding grip and texture to your S10 5G without increasing bulk. How do we do it? The answer is simple: authentic 3M vinyl. We only use 3M vinyl for our Galaxy S10 5G wraps because we have a long-standing commitment to using only the highest-quality materials for our S10 5G skins. Our massive buying power with 3M means you can even get your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G skin in a variety of dbrand-exclusive flavors, like Black Swarm. Not to mention, the patented adhesive on every dbrand Galaxy S10 5G wrap guarantees the skin will come off as easily as it went on. Don't worry about adhesive residue - there won't be any.

Unrivaled Precision

You'd have to be a fool to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wrap without wondering whether the skin would be a precise fit. You'd have to be even more of a fool to doubt the precision of a dbrand Galaxy S10 5G skin. Our reputation for offering the most precise fit on earth™ is legendary in the realm of S10 5G skins, and you're about to find out why. Our tried-and-true prototyping process has created flawless skins since 2011. That prototyping process has now been applied to the S10 5G skin you're about to buy. We've measured the dimensions of your phone down to the micromillimeter so you don't have to - the least you can do is buy a Galaxy S10 5G wrap as compensation for our efforts.

Unlimited Customization

If you didn't notice, we've got the world's greatest Samsung Galaxy S10 5G skin customization tool at the top of this page. First, you pick whether you're wrapping the back of your device or covering the camera. Then, you pick from our extensive selection of materials to find the custom look that your Galaxy S10 5G skins will provide. It seems simple, but you might spend hours perfecting the look of your device. Don't worry - 5G still won't be a thing by the time you're done. With choices ranging from Black Matrix to Matte White, Black Carbon to Mahogany, you're guaranteed to find the perfect look for your Galaxy S10 5G wrap. You'll be one step closer to checking out, and we'll be one step closer to emptying your bank account.

Our Mission

"Emptying your bank account" is our mission in a nutshell, but we don't get there simply by offering the best Samsung Galaxy S10 5G skins on the market. We get there with our legendary customer service and with our famous post-it note drawings. We get there by offering the best installation tutorial videos in the game. We empty your bank account by promoting a culture, and you're minutes away from joining it. Simply place your Galaxy S10 5G skins in your shopping cart and check out with confidence - our secure payment gateway won't hit you with any hidden fees or taxes. If you can't wait another minute to see what the hype is about, pick FedEx Express at checkout and get your package as early as tomorrow. Once your package has arrived and your Galaxy S10 5G skins have been applied, your assimilation is complete. You'll be the newest acolyte in the cult of dbrand. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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